Regional Chapters

AsBAA has a team of experts across the region under the regional chapters in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. Through the regional chapters, members can access localised support, specifically tailored to the issues and opportunities by country and region. Regional Chapter meetings are held in all key markets on a regular basis. Meeting are complimentary to members, so please get in touch for details of your next local meeting:


Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan

The committee is dedicated to act as a single voice for all operators in Hong Kong, Macau, and surrounding areas to advocate for common issues, opportunities, and challenges for Business Aviation in the region.

South East Asia Committee

In South East Asia our objective is to increase the awareness of Airport Operators and Civil Aviation Authorities on AsBAA’s presence and the importance of Business Aviation in the SE Asia region.

Mainland China

AsBAA’s objective in China is to have a common and unique voice, which represents the members from mainland China.