AsBAA Q&A: Web Manuals

Web Manuals, who recently joined AsBAA as a member shared the following with us in a Q and A. We spoke with Emil Ahlgren, Director of Operations Asia with Web Manuals.

1. How was Web Manuals founded as a business?
It all started in 2012 when Martin Lidgard, our CEO, saw the opportunity to revolutionize documentation in aviation while he was part of Tibet Server AB, an IT company. Together with a small team of entrepreneurs, they used the knowledge from Tibet Server and further built a product focused on document tools that could meet the specific needs of the aviation industry. Thus, over the course of 10 years, the company has been building and optimizing a cloud-based service that is the standard tool for quickly digitizing manuals.
2. What are some of the best ways that Web Manuals helps an organization’s document management process and practices?
Our software has transformed workflows for document management. We offer an easier editing, revision, and distribution process, helping users to gain control over their edit and review cycles. The system articulates customized roles with a comprehensive process throughout the document life cycle, allowing full control over role-based workflow.
One of the biggest support to our customers is digital compliance monitoring. Through our platform, they create live links between manuals and regulations as well as get alerts whenever a regulation is updated.
Besides, the software is easy to use and is supported with smart modules that make it easy to design and edit online documents. Recurrent and standardized features like List of Effective Pages (LEP), table of content, abbreviations, and definitions are automated to save up to 80% editing time.
3. How is Web Manuals unique or what are some unique elements compared with other similar products?
Our product is focused on the user, and therefore, our features are tailored to meet the needs of air operators. For instance, the Compliance Library was designed to support the need to comply with current regulations. We have created controlled links between the regulations and the paragraphs to automatically keep track of regulatory compliance.
We also created the EFB app with a feature that allows offline access to operationally critical documents. The software distributes manuals instantly, ensuring that all devices are up to date and find reliable information fast.
4. Which region of the world is Web Manuals focused on growing its business in the short and long terms? Why?
Our gradual expansion has corresponded to the company and product development, and we plan to continue organic growth into new markets. Over the years we have developed a strong base in EMEA and we are market leaders in several countries. Now, our big focus is the APAC region because there is a vast potential for enhancing operations for thriving airlines and other air operators in the region.
We are also exploring new exciting opportunities in the South American market. We have strengthened our presence in the USA and Canada, and it feels natural to spread across the continent.
5. For potential customers who are interested, what are the best ways for them to get in touch with Web Manuals?
All the product and contact information are available on our website, where is also available on-demand demos and free trials. Likewise, we are on social media with active accounts on LinkedInFacebook, and Youtube.