AsBAA Mainland China Committee Successfully Hosts Year End Gathering


On 23 December 2021, AsBAA successfully hosted its fourth quarter Mainland China committee meeting and holiday celebration in Beijing. More than forty representatives from Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and other cities attended the members-only event. Rocky Zhang, Vice Chairman of the AsBAA and Chairman of AsBAA’s Mainland China committee, presided over the meeting. Paul Desgrosseilliers, Vice Chairman of AsBAA expressed “gratitude to all the parties for their support of AsBAA and active participation in its various efforts throughout the eventful year of 2021.” Guests had the opportunity to review the work and activities of AsBAA in 2021 and learn about key events in 2022, including a revision of AsBAA’s Articles of Association and electing its new Board of Directors.


It was a rewarding meeting for both industry insiders and guests from business aviation and beyond. Zheng Zhigang, Director of the General Operation Standard Office of Institute of Civil Operation Technology, CAAC Academy of Science and Technology, delivered an in-depth, specialized speech entitled “The Prospect of Unmanned Aviation in the Urban Landscape” with on-site video. Zheng described multiple applications of pilotless aircraft in various cities in the coming years, especially electric manned aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing, which will act as a highly effective complement to China’s integrated three-dimensional transport. Combined with the bullet-train network, subway, and road transport, it will help reach the long-term goal of one-hour commutes in metropolitan areas and two-hour travel in urban agglomerations, a key to the construction of the national aviation strength, which ultimately delivers safe, hassle-free, and affordable customized air travel services to the general public.


Liao Xuefeng, President of China Business Aviation Group, a member of the Association, noted that “the year 2021 is crucial for the business jet market as the global business aviation market has peaked, reaching ‘a better time than has ever been seen before.’ The business jet market boomed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared with commercial flights, as a private vehicle, the business jet  provides greater safety and protection. The demand for business exchange, long hindered by the pandemic, has been unleashed due to the lifted travel bans in many countries, resulting in increased market demand for private aircraft and greater frequency of travel.” Based on his expertise, Liao also shared his view on the trend of China’s business jet market, stating that “in a mature business jet market, mainstream models are mostly light or small aircraft, which is conducive to the rapid expansion of business scale. China needs to introduce more small and medium-sized business jets to reduce costs and tap into new markets in the coming years.”


At the meeting, AsBAA held a plaque-awarding ceremony for platinum member China Aviation Rescue & Emergency Co., Ltd (“CARE”). Li Jingjing, Deputy General Manager of CARE, shared the company’s mission and duty to build a “national” aviation emergency rescue service platform. The company serves as a docking platform between the demand side and the supply side of the aviation rescue service in the mode of informational platform plus service to be engaged in the major national projects of aviation rescue. In its contact and collaboration with relevant enterprises both inside and outside the industry and at home and abroad, by leveraging their respective strengths, all parties involved have jointly striven for the construction and improvement of the aviation rescue system and worldwide progress.


As Rocky Zhang concluded in the closing speech at the meeting, “AsBAA is truly grateful for its members’ trust and support to carry us through a difficult time together. In terms of economic growth, the business aviation industry is one of the most diverse, customer-oriented, adaptable industries. So we are confident that the industry will be united and work closely together as we embrace the new year.”


At the refreshing Christmas and New Year celebration party, senior executives and industry personnel new and old of the member companies had a wonderful time with all the guests from different sectors, toasting their friendship, sharing their visions and expectations for the year 2022, and looking forward to the next gathering.