TAG Asia Engineering (TAE) recently completed a General Electric (GE) CF34-3B engine replacement on a Challenger 605 at its Hong Kong Part-145 Maintenance Station. It marked another milestone and demonstrated once more the extent of the maintenance team capabilities in Asia.

Travel bans and restrictions around the world have posed various challenges for people and affected the mode of operation of OEM. In the past year, TAG Aircraft Engineering Center has become the preferred MRO for serval OEMs to ensure to provide services in the Greater Bay Area.

”The adaptability and flexibility of our maintenance team are paramount during the pandemic, In recent months, it has been proven that we can continue to work with the best backup resources. Aircraft maintenance provides and cooperates with different support programs. It would not have been possible without the strong and supportive team of aviation professionals at TAG Aviation” says Antony Wan, Head of Commercial and Warranty at TAG Aviation.