During the 2015 Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (ABACE) in Shanghai, the Student Day and kicked off on April 16, attracting almost 200 students. It was jointly organized by AsBAA(Asian Business Aviation Association) and NBAA,included an opening presentation, delicated education sessions for University students and a tour of the ABACE 2015 static display of business jets.

Ed Bolen, president and CEO of NBAA, Charlie Mularski, Chairman of AsBAA,
Xia Xinhua, president of China Civil Airport Association and many enterprise executives of general aviation industry attended the event.

1Ed Bolen and Charlie Mularski sent their greetings and encouraged the students to uphold their dreams and work hard to achieve success. Xia Xinhua mentioned in his keynote speech that the prospects of business aviation in China are very promising, and the industry lacks talents because it’s still in its beginning stage. “You’re very lucky to be in this era and should plan your career carefully. As long as one loves the industry, one will be successful with one’s passion and endeavor,” Xia said.

The students were from Beihang University, Shanghai Civil Aviation College, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, East China University of Science and Technology and China Europe International Business School. The forum aimed to promote business aviation culture and education among university students, with three topics that they were most concerned.

Dr. Gao Yuanyang from Beihang University hosted the panel discussion of general aviation and education. Song Qingguo, vice general manager of China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co Ltd., Kurt Edward, director general of International Business Aviation Council, Sun Xuan, vice president from Shanghai Civil Aviation College, Wang Xia, director general from China General Aviation Association,Guo Yang, deputy secretary-general of AOPA China, and Charlie Mularski joined the discussion. Postgraduates from Beihang University shared their experience of designing general aircraft.6

Gulfstream pilot Ms. Wendi Sparks and Textron Aviation pilot Tony Pauluci told their most indelible flying stories in the “passion and enthusiasm” discussion. This panel discussion was moderated by Ms. Wang Zheng, FAA Pilot

Zhu kai, China representative of GAMA hosted the discussion about career opportunities and planning in general aviation. Speakers are Guan Dongyuan, president of Embraer China, Diana Chou, general manager of Aerochine Aviation Ltd, Helena Lang, operation director of Business Aviation of Hawker Pacific, Wang Fuhou, president of aviation at Minsheng Financial Leasing, and Tian Shan, president of Continental Motors (Beijing) Co. Ltd.

Cindy Du, executive director of AsBAA was the hostess.

AsBAA and NBAA hope to turn the event into a long-term public benefit project, inviting students from all over China and Asia. It will cultivate their interest in business aviation and encourage them to be well-prepared for challenges and insist their dream of flying.