Passion and Persistence, the Power to Fulfill Dreams 

 “Student Day” of ABACE 2014 

On April 17 2-14, Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE 2014 ) greeted the students from the aviation universities, who came to participate in the event of “Student Day ” under the invitation of the organizers of ABACE  –  Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).  During this event, the experts in the aviation industry and approximately 100 students discussed topics like; what is business aviation, the passion and dreams of pilots, and career opportunities & challenges in business aviation.



Mr. Ed. Bolen, the President and CEO of NBAA welcomed the students in the first place and encouraged them to hold on to their dreams and advance to success step by step.

Mr. Kevin Wu, Chairman of AsBAA, mentioned in his opening speech that the business aviation in China is worth looking for and that the students will have good changes since the business aviation is running short of talents. Everybody shall manage a good career planning; one can only step to success under the guidance of passion and efforts.

Mr. Liao Xuefeng, China Representative of NBAA, and David Dixon, President of Jetcraft Asia, shared the current situation of the development of business aviation in China.

Mr. James Wilson, Captain of TEXTRON Aviation Group, told the students to maintain passion, enjoy study and work, and insist on advancing to their dreams with a smile. He encouraged the students with a photo of an armless pilot operating in the pilothouse and mentioned; “This is the power of a dream; if she can succeed, you can also.”

“Dream One” team from Beihang University brought their own business aircraft design, and interacted with the guests and students at the site. In the end, the students from Beihang University and Shanghai Civil Aviation College boarded on the aircrafts from different manufacturers, and got a further understanding and knowledge on business  aircrafts and business aviation via the explanation of the pilots and experts. .

Doctor Gao Yuanyang from Beihang University and Ms. Zhu Kai of General Aviation Manufactures Association, highly appreciate these activities. They stated that “the students are thirsty for more chances to conduct in-depth communication with the experts within such industry and the practitioners, which not only is extremely advantageous for them to understand this industry and prepare their own career development planning, but also play a positive role in promoting the development of this industry.”

AsBAA and NBAA wish to develop such an activity into a long-term program, inviting students from all over China, and other Asian regions, to participate.  We expect, through such activities, to cultivate the students’ cognition of interest in business aviation, encourage them to challenge themselves with passion and dreams, manage knowledge reservation well, set strict demands on themselves with high sense of responsibility, and let their dream of flight fly in the sky!


激情与坚守 成就梦想的力量


4月17日,亚洲公务航展上迎来了国内航空类院校的同学们,在航展主办方亚洲公务航空协会(AsBAA)与美国公务航空协会(NBAA)的邀请下,前来参加“大学生公务机认知主题日”的活动。尽管当天下起了淅淅沥沥的春雨,但丝毫没有影响同学们了解公务航空的激情。 在现场,来自航空领域的专家们和近100名同学们共同讨论了什么是公务航空,飞行员的激情和梦想,以及在公务航空领域内就业的挑战和机遇等诸多问题。

美国公务航空协会 (NBAA)总裁兼首席执行官 Ed. Bolen 先生首先欢迎学生的到来,并鼓励同学们坚持梦想,一步步走向成功。

亚洲公务航空协会主席 吴景奎先生在开场致辞中 提到,公务航空在中国的前景值得期待,现在处于起步阶段,人才紧缺,各位同学很幸运的赶上了这个时代,大家要做好职业规划,只有内心真正热爱这个行业,在激情和努力的指引下才能走向成功!

来自美国公务航空协会驻中国代表 廖学峰及Jetcraft Asia 的总裁 David Dixon 和同学们分享了公务航空在中国发展的近况。

德事隆航空集团的飞行机长James  告诉同学们,要保持激情,享受学习和工作,微笑着坚持向梦想迈进。他用一张无臂女性飞行员在驾驶室中操控的照片鼓励学生:“这就是梦想的力量,她都可以做到,你们更可以!”



亚洲公务航空协会(AsBAA) 和 美国公务航空协会(NBAA)希望今后把此活动办成一个长期的公益项目,邀请全国甚至亚洲地区的同学们参与。希望通过此类活动,培养学生群体对公务航空的认知和兴趣,鼓励学生勇于挑战自己,怀揣激情和梦想,做好知识储备,以高度责任感要求自己,放飞自己的飞翔之梦!