Chris Moore

President – Business Aviation at Satcom Direct


From your view, how is the market in Asia maturing in relation to technology?

From a business aviation perspective, I think that the Asian market is lagging in terms of technology used as compared to the United States and Europe. Asia is still very much a follower in that respect.

Is there a willingness to invest in technology in the Asian market?

From an investment perspective, I believe that Asian business aviation customers have the money and are willing to invest in technology. However, they lack the knowledge to understand how to use this new technology to its full potential. SD is working on making sure our customers are aware of the technology available to them and how to use it optimally in alignment with their business strategies.

What are the biggest barriers to innovation evolution in our industry?

The biggest challenge for the Asian aviation industry is the creation of the vision/value proposition. One main reason for this is the human cost is still relatively cheap, hence the incentive to replace humans with technology is low. While the challenges vary from country to country in Asia, the main thing lacking is vision among the business aviation industry in Asia.  SD has been a pathfinder in technology innovativeness through the 3 pillars: Connectivity, Hardware and Software. Through this end-to-end value chain, SD is in a unique leadership position that not only sells the vision but also the ability to deliver the promise.

You recently delivered some workshops, how can members of AsBAA access future events?

SD holds our annual customer appreciation and training conference called Connecting with Customers (CwC) each year in the United States. We bring the same concept to our international customers regionally for more convenience with our CwC Workshops throughout the world. This year we held two of these workshops in the APAC region; one in Shenzhen and one in Hong Kong. We tailor each workshop to its respective market to better align with the customers that attend.

AsBAA members who wish to attend the future CwC Workshops can get the most updated information from our LinkedIn page, as well as the official CwC website (

You are title sponsor at the Icons of Aviation, what is the value of this for SD?

Icons of Aviation is a great opportunity to bring industry leaders together, and work toward continuing the advancement of the industry. This allows us to hear from the industry and how we can improve the experiences of our customers in the region. One of the bigger problems for the adoption of technology in Asia is the vast and varying degree of expertise that make it harder to integrate. The AsBAA IOA event brings industry leaders together to help educate and share that knowledge across our network of partners and colleagues. We are proud to lead this effort as the title sponsor of this year’s event.