AsBAA member Phenix Jet has just received its Cayman AOC. We caught up with them for some insight into how the only Asia based operator with both FAA and Cayman AOCs operates.


1. For those that aren’t familiar with the company, please introduce Phenix Jet

Established in 2016, Phenix Jet is a full service Aircraft Management and Charter service company with market specific offices in HK, Japan, USA and now the Cayman Islands. The company has demonstrated steady and strong growth in less than 4 years. Today the company is managing a diversified portfolio of 12 aircraft including Global 7500, G650, Global 6000, BBJ and Falcon 7X, with 7 aircraft available for charter.

“Quality and excellence are the key elements to our success today. We prefer quality over quantity and we achieve that with specific staff to client ratios to guarantee the highest service standard to our clients.” Mr. Andrew Svoboda, CEO of Phenix Jet Hong Kong and Cayman

Phenix Jet serves Asia Pacific niche clientele markets and provides a full spectrum of services including aircraft management, charter, dispatch, maintenance, aircraft acquisition and sales. The company has full suite of Cayman certifications including the 121 AOC, 145 Repair Station, and CAMO certifications. Phenix Jet also has an FAA 135 AOC and is the first and only company to establish a business aviation hangar in Tokyo.

It is the only operator that can offer G650(ER) for charter in Asia-Pacific region with the highest world-class recognition of safety standards including IS-BAO Stage 3, ARGUS Platinum, WYVERN WINGMAN certification and Air Charter Safety Foundation approval.

Highlights of the Company:

  • Only company that has both FAA & Cayman AOCs in Asia-Pacific region
  • Only company that can offer G650(ER) for charter in Asia-Pacific region
  • One of the first operators for Global 7500 worldwide with one already delivered and expecting the next one to be delivered in late 2020.

2. You have recently received your Cayman Islands AOC, what does this mean to the company?

FAA and Cayman registered aircraft are the top two most utilized foreign aircraft registries in Asia. We are proud to be the only company that has been authorized AOC’s for both registries. This enables Phenix Jet to offer a broad spectrum of Charter Service to our clients. We are also the first operator to offer active Cayman commercial operation capacity in Asia-Pacific.

The addition of the Cayman AOC has increased the aperture of our services to enable a wider clientele access. We thrive on a selective market where clients actively look for a combination of niche value-added services and a creative approach to providing general services to suit their specific needs. This is our unique market proposition.

3. What’s the company’s vision over the next 5 years?

We will continue to consistently and systematically build value-added services and diversified locations in order to support all clientele in the Asia-Pacific region. Our mission is to remain as the top selection of reliable and competent operators to serve our long-term clientele base. We differentiate ourselves with unparalleled high standards and expertise particularly with ultra-long-range aircraft products.

4. How do you see business aviation contributing to economic recovery around the region?

Business aviation has the opportunity to be the cornerstone to spark the economic recovery of the region and arguably worldwide. In a time where global businesses are facing challenges for connectivity business aviation is poised to provide the solution. It has the capability and flexibility to offer new and creative products for connectivity that will enable business engagements of all types. For Phenix Jet, by diversifying the capability of our service offerings, we are able to provide solutions of that nature.

5. How can AsBAA members learn more about your services?

Please feel free to give us a call or simply stop by for a coffee in our Wanchai office! Please feel free to visit our website: