It is not often we can report on business aviation being supported but this is exactly what Bangkok Airways and Universal Aviation are doing in Koh Samui, one of the top boutique destinations in Asia.

On the 12th September Bangkok Airways ground handling unit PGGS and partners Universal’s subsidiary in Thailand (Universal Aviation Thailand) announced their joint venture to provide support for business aircraft operating into the island in southern Thailand. The joint venture provides a concierge service under the branding of ‘The GEM’ for all anyone flying into the island might need, plus ithas available dedicated ramp parking space in a separate area for approximately 15 to 20 business aircraft, depending on size, using a condensed parking scheme, considerably increasing parking capacity for business aircraft. The previous restriction for only 4 nights of parking has also been lifted with the condensed parking scheme in place. Plans are also in place to add a small dedicated business aviation terminal facility adjacent to the ramp in 2019.

For those who do not know Koh Samui it has more top-end five, star hotels than its bigger neighbour Phuket along with some spectacular high-end villas. This simplified access to Koh Samui will add to the economy as users can now access places which were just too difficult to reach. It places Koh Samui ahead of many other of the regions idyllic destinations in welcoming and providing for business aviation.

AsBAA Vice-Chairman David Dixon, who attended the launch of GEM at the new CelesBeachfront Resort in Koh Samui for the association expressed his support and delighted at this private sector initiative added ‘AsBAA congratulates both Bangkok Airways and Universal Aviation on this bold and imaginative move. We feel sure many of owners of business aircraft in Asia, who are represented by our membership, will find this a major benefit. It is our hope it may soon be replicated elsewhere in Asia. There are after all some 350 aircraft is Asia who can now plan to Koh Samui knowing the welcome carpet is there’.

For further information or to book, please contact your Universal TSS Team or UWA Thailand