Metrojet Limited (, a leading business aircraft services provider based in Hong Kong with presence in Asia, is pleased to announce the appointment of Gary Dolski as Chief Executive Officer effective from 1 September, 2017. Gary will assume full management responsibility of Metrojet, overseeing its long term business development and strategic growth, as well as day to day operations.

“I very much look forward to this great opportunity,” said Gary Dolski, New CEO of Metrojet Limited. “With the full support from the Kadoorie Group and Metrojet’s dedicated team of professionals, we will continue to enhance and grow our business in accordance to the highest levels of safety, integrity, customer service and financial performance.

Gary is a Canadian and has over 35 years of experience in Bristol Aerospace, Bombardier, MD Helicopters and Jet Aviation, managing these various aviation related companies in North America, Europe and Asia with particular emphasis in the business of private jets. Gary joined Metrojet as the Managing Director of Aircraft Management and Charter in April 2017 and brings significant business experience and relationships from across the Asia Pacific region.

Established in 1995 and awarded Air Operator’s Certificate in 1997, Metrojet is a leading business jet operator and maintenance provider in Asia. The Company provides comprehensive aircraft management, charter, maintenance and consultancy services, and pioneered business aviation services for 20 years in Hong Kong.

美捷香港商用飛機有限公司宣佈委任GARY DOLSKI行政總裁

亞洲領先的香港公務航空服務營運商美捷香港商用飛機有限公司(Metrojet Limited,欣然宣佈委任Gary Dolski(杜以其)於9月1日正式接任成為美捷的新任行政總裁,負責全面管理美捷、監督其長期業務及策略發展,以及公司日常營運。

美捷新任行政總裁Gary Dolski說:「我十分期待是次機會。在嘉道理集團及美捷專業團隊的支持下,我們將能繼續優化及推進業務發展,秉持最高的安全、誠信、客戶服務標準及財務表現。」

Gary Dolski出生及成長於加拿大,擁有超過35年於北美、歐洲及亞洲等地擔任Bristol Aerospace、龐巴迪、MD Helicopters及Jet Aviation領導崗位的經驗。他最初於2017年4月加入美捷成為飛機管理及包機董事總經理,為美捷帶來豐富的亞太區公務航空經驗及人脈。