Jolie Howard

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I am excited about the opportunity to serve as a member of AsBAA’s  Board Of Directors. Having been in the business aviation industry for over 24 years, I have seen first-hand how the industry has grown and developed, and I hope to contribute to the association with my experience and resources. In particular, I think I can contribute in the following areas:


  1. Cultivating best practices in aircraft charter

With my past experience in the aircraft charter space, which includes being an Accountable Manager to a number of Air Operator Certificates,  I have a good understanding of all aspects of regulation and enforcement and what it takes to ensure safe and legal flight operations. I am committed to ensuring that our charter / fee paying  passengers are traveling on legal and safe aircraft, and to making sure their rights are protected.

I would work to increase awareness of illegal charters among authorities and other relevant parties, while supporting the needs of operators and brokers in relation to internal staff training and avoiding illegal chartering in general.


  1. Sustainability initiatives for AsBAA

As an integral part of the business aviation industry in Asia, AsBAA should develop a sustainable growth plan for the industry and its community. It would be good for AsBAA to lead the way on sustainability so as to secure the industry’s long-term success. Initiatives involving carbon offsetting, investing in new technology, as well as  specific training of our people are some of the many ways that we can build a sustainable industry. The initiatives should include promoting technological development in the region, and giving back to our communities in Asia.

I would work with many different sectors to bring in the necessary expertise to help the association and its members explore and establish guidelines on sustainability.


  1. New membership development and recruitment

Our industry is growing fast and there are many new sub-industry stakeholders such as eVOTL and drone operators. I can see potential for increasing the association’s membership base by actively targeting these areas. I would work with the association’s membership department to encourage recruitment activities and the development of member programs that open new revenue streams and foster member engagement and loyalty.