Jenny Lau

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  • Enhance business and employment opportunities in the AsBAA community while promoting more members to join us. 
  • Bridging the gap between China business jet market and the Global community. Convey the right message to the government so that the business jet operations in China can open up step by step. 
  • Advocate Safe Operating Environment and Carbon-Neutral / Eco-Friendly Technology to fulfil our social responsibilities. 
  • Promote AsBAA Discovery - Let more participants to help with educating young professionals who wishes to have a career in business aviation.

The proposed initiative(s), program(s), and/or activities you would like to implement and/or actively support if elected to the AsBAA Board of Directors:
My mission is to focus on member value and Advocacy for the business Aviation industry across the region. My style is to identify the needs, turn those into actions, and work with the team to ensure those actions are pursued and delivered.