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AsBAA @ ABACE15 finished up for another year. From record numbers of exhibitors, aircraft, and visitors, to a series of high-profile speakerships, media events, student training sessions, and of course, outstanding networking opportunities, ABACE (Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition) is a wrap for another year. The last of the speeches has been made, the last cards exchanged, the booths unpacked, and the students on their way home: the high energy, opportunity filled mayhem that is ABACE is over once again.

For AsBAA (Asian Business Aviation Association), this was the year to stand up and be counted, to re-connect with its membership, listen to the priorities of the industry, and develop the relationships that will support its One Voice initiatives. Charlie Mularski, new AsBAA Chairman said, “I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone that took the time to listen and talk with us over the last few days. I speak on behalf of our entire team when I say it was a joy to connect with our members and indeed the wider industry. Business Aviation is a relatively young industry in Asia; we’re all learning from one another, so this really is the time for listening, and being open minded about achieving change together. It is my commitment that we will deliver where we have promised to do so; and we believe that through effective communications and collaboration, we can and will achieve our shared goals”.

The positivity and determination radiating from team AsBAA was also mirrored by ABACE co-hosts, NBAA (National Business Aviation Association). The leading US based business association in aviation also confirmed that growth and change in the industry should begin with effective relationships. Ed Bolen, President of NBAA said at an exclusive after- party hosted by the Universal Weather and Aviation Inc. & NBAA on the Bund in Shanghai: “Let me just say that for all the glamour in this wonderful industry that is business aviation, it is really all about people, relationships, and building the network. NBAA is so proud to work with AsBAA to make ABACE possible, and I can’t tell you how excited we are to have an opportunity to work with Charlie Mularski and this great team at AsBAA. So I think you can look forward to even more success in the future, it’s our honour to work with you”.

As the world of business aviation never quietens for long, plans are already underway for the next series of events and initiatives. Kevin Wu, Vice Chairman shared: “We have now made a commitment to our members in the areas of regulatory reform and education. It’s imperative that we now deliver on these promises and we’re entirely dedicated in doing so. Our growing AsBAA team is working on consolidating the feedback gathered and putting plans in place to execute the deliverables.” Fellow Vice Chairman, David Best went on to comment: “The success of the series of student events was outstanding and speaks volumes about the need for solid commitment at all levels to securing future talent, but there is still a lot to be achieved. AsBAA was proud to be involved in the opening events of the student day with along with Ed Bolen, President of NBAA and the President of the China Airport Association, former CAAC Vice Minister, Mr. Xia Xinhua, and we’re excited about presenting our new AsBAA Student Chapter series of internships, university roadshows, and educations initiatives very soon.”

AsBAA concluded its participation in ABACE15 by confirming its next industry event, the Corporate Jet and Helicopter Investor Conference to take place at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore 8-10 June. “The feedback we gathered from our members, other IBAC associations, and the wider industry is that the value-add for AsBAA lies in tailored regional support and networking opportunities. We’re working hard to be more active, more visible, and more responsive; we’re entirely committed to making that happen.’ Concludes new AsBAA Chairman, Charlie Mularski.





对亚洲商务航空协会(AsBAA)而言,这是我们在行业中站稳脚跟、发挥协会重要作用的一年,也是我们将协会成员重新聚合在一起、倾听行业要务重点并建立各种关系来支持“共同发声(One Voice)”行动的一年。亚洲商务航空协会的新任主席Charlie Mularski表示:“我希望借此机会首先代表我个人,感谢在过去几天里认真倾听并与我们交流的每一个与会者。对于协会全体工作人员而言,能够借此机会与协会成员重聚并与业界更多企业和人士相识,令我们感到非常高兴。在亚洲,商务航空业其实还是一个相对年轻的行业;我们还需要互相学习借鉴,所以本次会展正是互相倾听、开阔思路、凝聚力量、实现飞跃的真正机会。本人郑重承诺,我们将言出必行、达成使命,同时我们也相信,通过有效的沟通与和合作,我们能够也必将实现我们共同的目标。”

亚洲商务航空协会团队所展现的极大积极性与决心,也得到了美国国家商务航空协会(NBAA )的响应和肯定。作为亚洲商务航空大会和展览会的联合主办方,这个美国的航空业领导协会亦肯定了行业的发展和改变必须从建立有效的合作关系着手。在由环球气象航空公司(Universal Weather and Aviation Inc.)和美国国家商务航空协会在上海外滩共同举办的一场会后专场聚会上,美国国家商务航空协会主席Ed Bolen表示:“在我看来,商务航空这个伟大行业的全部魅力就在于以人为本、有效合作与建立行业关系网。能够与亚洲商务航空协会通力合作,共同成功举办亚洲商务航空大会和展览会,这令美国国家商务航空协会倍感骄傲;而能有机会与Charlie Mularski主席和亚洲商务航空协会这个出色的团队继续合作,我感到无比激动。所以我想各位可以期待我们未来更大的成功,能与各位共事十分荣幸!”

商务航空的世界不会沉寂太久,接下来一系列的各种活动和行动计划都已在进行中。亚洲商务航空协会副主席Kevin Wu分享了他的看法:“我们已就商务航空业规章制度方面的改革和教育计划对协会的成员做出了承诺,现在必须要兑现这些承诺,协会全体工作人员也正在全心全力地投入到这项工作中。不断壮大的亚洲商务航空协会团队目前正在整合收集到的各种反馈意见,并将各项计划部署到位,以执行各项切实任务”。协会名誉副主席David Best接着评论道:“这次一系列学生活动的成功举办值得关注,各种声音让我们认识到有必要从各个层面保障后备人才发展,亚洲商务航空协会任重道远。能与美国国家商务航空协会主席Ed Bolen及现任中国航空协会主席(中国民用航空局前副局长)夏新华先生一同参加学生日开幕活动,令亚洲商务航空协会深感荣幸;我们也很高兴即将为学生们带来全新的亚洲商务航空协会学生总会的一系列实习、校园路展和教育活动。”

在总结2015亚洲商务航空大会和展览会的参与工作时,亚洲商务航空协会还公布了下一个行业活动:协会将于68-10日在新加坡泛太平洋酒店(the Pan Pacific Hotel)举办企业小型机与直升机投资人大会(the Corporate Jet and Helicopter Investor Conference)。亚洲商务航空协会的新任主席Charlie Mularski总结道:“我们从协会成员、其它国家商务航空理事会(IBAC)和业界更多企业处收集到的反馈意见显示,亚洲商务航空协会的增值服务有赖于提供契合地区市场的支持服务和社交沟通机会。协会正不断努力成为一个更积极、更突出、也更负责的协会,我们也将致力于达成这些使命!”