On May 17th, 2018 AsBAA the Asian Business Aviation Association visited Guomei Jiayuan Elementary School in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, to launch the AsBAA Discovery programme and introduce aviation to schools in China.

Rocky Zhang, AsBAA China Committee Chair, presented an inspiring lecture about aviation to 180 grade three students. Through sharing stories from all over the world, he introduced the students to the history of aircraft development and mankind’s dream of flying. He described the manufacture of modern planes and the associated applications of advanced technologies. The lecture was designed to  inspire the students through awareness of aviation knowledge and culture and to stimulate the interest of the young children in the world of aviation.

The young students showed great enthusiasm for this knowledge, particularly for an activity demonstrating the recognition of plane components using model planes. During a video presentation of plane assembly and test flying, the students actively participated, and enthusiastically asked questions to extend their knowledge about flying. They also demonstrated a wide aviation vocabulary in English, which surprised and delighted the participants from the associations.

At the end of the event, student representative Zhang Zhong Ze thanked “Teacher Zhang” on behalf of all the teachers and the students in grade three. He acknowledged that the event had broadened their perspective of the world of aviation and nourished their interest in this field as he accepted the model plane and aviation knowledge journal donated to the school by the association.

This was the first time an event of this type, working with primary schools, has been organised by AsBAA and it was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students, who expressed their wish for AsBAA to develop closer links to the students and to organise more, similar events.

“This event was such a success, in which the children showed impressive learning abilities, ready assimilation of knowledge and culture, as well as an enthusiasm for aviation that far exceeded our expectations. We saw the future and the hope of aviation in them. We believe that as we spread the ‘seeds’ of aviation culture today, we will harvest a new generation of trees of aviation industry, in the not too distant future” commented Rocky Zhang, AsBAA China Committee Chair.

Through this “AsBAA Discovery” event, the association encourages more member organizations and fellow industry professionals to actively participate and take more charitable social responsibilities for the propagations of aviation culture and the development of the new generation of aviation talents.