Anthony Lam

Director, External Affairs

Anthony was the editor-in-chief of the region’s leading Asian business aviation magazine JET Asia-Pacific, where he covered the Asian business aviation industry’s development since 2011. Through the magazine and its signature regional events, Anthony profiled dozens of business aviation entrepreneurs, leaders, and business aircraft owners in Asia and around the world. Anthony is a contributing editor with Aviation International News and was the founding editor of Asian Sky Quarterly.

Previously based in the US and Shanghai and now in Hong Kong, Anthony is an avid FAA-licensed fixed and rotary-wing pilot and was formerly a member of the National Transportation Safety Board’s aviation accident investigative team, where he was awarded for outstanding service by the independent U.S. federal investigative agency. Anthony is a graduate of the NTSB Academy (later known as the NTSB Training Center) in fixed-wing and rotorcraft accident investigations, the University of California, Davis, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s esteemed pre-college division.