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Andrew Tse

Andrew Tse has over twenty years of hands-on management and executive experience in China’s aviation industry. His first exposure was with Air Hong Kong in 1989, a Hong Kong dedicated cargo carrier that was later absorbed by Cathay Pacific. From 1997 to 2006 he was actively involved in developing the cross-boundary and domestic helicopter services with East Asia Airline and Helicopters Hong Kong, which later changed name to Heli Express and again to its current name, Sky Shuttle Helicopters.

In cross-boundary flights, Andrew was the originator of the Macau to Shenzhen scheduled helicopter service. From direct negotiations with the PLA to securing low-level flight paths, which eventually led to final Government to Government agreement of the first scheduled helicopter service in China. To improve the Hong Kong – Macau helicopter service reliability, Andrew initiated the development of the helicopter IFR route that is still in use today. He was instrumental in the heliport expansion project at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and the West Kowloon heliport. In Macau, Andrew was also involved with the start-up of Macau Business Aviation Centre, a joint-venture between Portugal’s Air Luxor and STDM.

During his time as shareholder and CEO of Helicopter Hong Kong, Andrew successfully launched a scheduled regional airline in 2005 by splitting the helicopter and airline elements of the company into two stand-alone entities, Heli Express and Hong Kong Express.

Subsequently, Andrew retired from full-time aviation operations with the exception of the launch and Chairmanship of X Air Ltd. With aviation truly in his blood, Andrew now consults for rotor start-ups and existing operators wishing to expand into and around the PRD.

Luo Gang

Luo Gang is the CEO of Airbus’ new innovation centre in China. With a degree in electrical engineering from Tianjin University and an MBA from the London Business School, Gang spent nearly three years establishing Uber China’s business before it was acquired by Didi Chuxing in 2016. His experience in London with UK start-up Rangespan taught him how quickly technology can transform traditional businesses.