AsBAA Discovery was invited to participate in a series of online education sessions to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia undergraduate students to offer insight into various careers and professional development mindsets during the months of April and May.


Vrushali Suvarna: Growth Mindset – Adapt and Learn

“What is a growth mindset? To me; it is trying to a better version of myself every day and being open to new challenges.

I had the opportunity to share my aviation and wellness journey with students from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Asia). We talked about the importance of PASSION and having a PURPOSE in life. I believe and from my experience; you discover your Passion when you catch a glimpse of your true potential.

One of the most important steps to developing a growth mindset – is to set GOALS for yourself. This led to a very healthy discussion with the professor and students.
As a fellow alumnus from ERAU myself, I very much related to the goals and aspirations the students have for themselves. To be graduating from the best aviation university, students have certain expectations and desire to work for the best in the industry – which is great. But oftentimes students get discouraged and disappointed when they don’t achieve the desired goal or get a job they were hoping for right away after graduation.
However; from my experience and something I shared with the students was – should an unexpected challenge or opportunity arise do not be afraid to give it go. You will always LEARN and GROW from your experiences and help you achieve your ultimate goal. The unexpected could be the best thing that could happen to you.

When you accept a new challenge, the journey teaches you how to be adaptable. In an industry like aviation- which is so very dynamic, you want to be able to adapt as quickly as you can and develop transferable skills. In challenging situations or current state of COVID – these skills are something that you can always fall back to and it’s your mindset that will take you to the next level. One of my favourite quotes: ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’ – Fred Devito”

Vrushali Suvarna Q&A highlights:

Question 1:
How is it to work for male-dominated industry?
V: In my experience, it takes courage and strength to step into an industry knowing that it is a male dominated industry (which isn’t the case anymore). However, that being said – most of the senior management in our industry ( business aviation) are females and I had the opportunity to work with some of them. ( eg: Sarah Kalmeta). A great mentor and example to other women who aspire to join the industry.

Question 2:
What is wellness to me?
V: In today’s world – the terms wellness is handled very loosely and most people relate it to exercise, diets, sleep, etc…..( which is right to a certain extent).
I perceive it as being CONSISTENT, with any habit you are trying to take on to better yourself. You want to develop a life that is sustainable and can be consistent with it. ( eg: meditating, sleep, eating habits, reading, etc)

Question 3:
What are some tips you would like to give to the students:
– Give your 100% in everything you do
– Do be afraid to fail or take on a new challenge, assuming that you might fail.
– Be PASSIONATE in what you do.
– Don’t try to control the unknown.
– Keep your LinkedIn and Resume relevant and current at all times. You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner. BE PREPARED. It’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared!


Mike Walsh – Emerging Technologies

Michael Walsh, CEO of Aer Mobi & the Pacific Basin Economic Council, presented on today’s emerging technologies and industry trends. Topics from Mr. Walsh’s speech include digitization, “smart” airports, business intelligence software, and other emerging markets that industry players should keep their eye on.

To download and view the full presentation, please click here.


Caleb Hiltgen – Engineering Your Future

Caleb Hiltgen, Chief Engineer of Gold Star Aviation Pte Ltd, presented on his experiences as an engineer in the aviation industry and the many opportunities and paths one can take in a career in engineering.

Members can download and view the full presentation by clicking here.


What students and faculty had to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed moderating and facilitating the webinar sessions and have learned so much from the experts and alumni whom I have had the privilege of hosting. Good curation and diversity of topics overall.”
Kim Chua, ERAU Asia Faculty

“It’s been great to see our Eagles return to the “virtual” campus to share with current students how they turned their ERAU degree into a career in aviation and aerospace.”
Matthew Flaherty, Interim Vice Chancellor & Head of Asia

“The webinar that was conducted by Amric Edwards on airline revenue management was an insightful and interesting session! Even though he only taught the basics of Airline Revenue Management, it was a fruitful lesson. I hope to learn more on this topic from him again.”
– Rachel Chia Hui Yi, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration

“The webinar conducted by Michael Walsh on the digital economy was an informative and fascinating session! His insight on the possible future flightpath for Asia’s Aviation Industry was very helpful. Also, he shared his knowledge about how the innovation of technologies impacts the Aviation Industry which was a valuable lesson. Hope to learn more from him again.”
– Sheeba Grace, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration

“The webinar conducted by Vrushali Suvarna on Growth Mindset, Adapt, and Learn was an intriguing and captivating session! She talked about her journey and gave us an insight of the aviation industry. I enjoyed the webinar and learned many many things. I look forward to her next webinar!”
– Brandon Chin Zhi Yuan, Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration

“The two webinar that I attended by ERAU’s alumni Vrushali, Amric and Kayden were very insightful and informative. The information they shared made me more interested in the aviation industry and what this industry has in store. Not only that, but I am also inspired to work even harder and excel what I’m doing in order to achieve my goals.”
– Wong Liu Ying, Bachelor’s of Science in Aeronautics

“The two webinars that I attended was by ERAU’s alumni Vrushali, Amric and Kayden were very resourceful and informative. Their openness and readiness to answer my questions inspired me to attend more webinars. The talks certainly motivated me and made me look forward to achieving my passion, Aviation. Through their sharing, I was able to learn what aviation industry is really about. Hopefully I will give more such chances to learn through such webinars.”
– Syed Imthiyaz, Bachelor’s of Science in Aeronautics

“I recently attended an online talk by Gold Star Aviation’s Caleb Hiltgen which was conducted by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia. Caleb shared some very insightful knowledge on the topic of ‘Engineering Your Future’, which shed light on the potential opportunities in the aviation industry as well as equipping oneself with the necessary attributes and certifications during this Covid-19 period. With his vast amount of experience in the aviation industry, Caleb has managed to provide us with many pointers in order for us to become one step closer in making a difference in the aviation industry. Thanks Caleb!” – Ashwin Vinod, BSc Aviation Business Administration