AsBAA, Asia’s non-profit representative trade body for business and general aviation (BA / GA) took a lead at the Macau Business Aviation Exhibition (MBAE2017) today where announcements have been made that there will be significant enhancements made to BA/GA infrastructure at the Macau Airport along with potential changes to the further development of the leisure industry in Cotai that will see more attention given to the importance of General Aviation in connectivity of the GBA-Greater Bay Area initiative.

The announcement comes following the release of the Executive Summary of its 10 year Masterplan for Macau International Airport which outlines its long term development. AsBAA leaders have commented at today’s forum that its members fully support the authorities’ direction and foresight and made a commitment to play an advisory role with the Airport Authorities to ensure that BA / GA will thrive in Macau.


AsBAA Chairperson Jenny Lau and Board of Governors Mike Walsh at the opening ceremony of MBAE17

The various positive announcements, which took place 3rd November at Macau International Airport as part of MBAE2017,signify a commitment from the Macau government to prioritise BA / GA development to facilitate and enhance the user experience within GBA. The expansion and improvement of BA / GA services in Macau, along with some shifts in policy direction to move away from monopolies and encourage international companies to tender and partner with is significant and will drive competition and new investment into the region and sector.


Innovation and technology on the static display at MBAE17

AsBAA Chairperson, Jenny Lau commented, “In 2016, there were 30M visitors to Macau per annum, with 2976 private jet movements. The government has today indicated plans to grow private jet movements to more than 5000 per annum over the next five years. AsBAA is delighted to see and hear such a commitment to enhancing the user experience within BA / GA, which has been evidenced to lead to economic growth in the regions in which it is permitted to thrive. AsBAA will work closely with the relevant authorities whereby we recommend that a working committee is established between industry and the Macau Airport development body. We will continue to represent our members and advocate the development of BA / GA in Greater China by liaising closely with the planning authorities in an advisory capacity”.

Macau International Airport – 10 year, Three-Phase Development Plan

  • A city accessible BA / GA airport in the heart of GBA
    • With a 5.6% anticipated forecast of annual growth for BA/GA
  • Two additional BA/GA Hangars to be constructed
  • A new FBO/GA Terminal to be constructed
  • Expanded apron space for extended parking period
  • Create within one-hour’s flying circle time from Macau, a lifestyle transportation programme within GBA with a possible customs free-zone
  • Introduce jet sharing providers & services to partner with the airport
  • Introduction of a new customs and immigration pre-clearance to China system to improve efficiency of human movements to China by air
  • Invite international companies and service providers to bid for tenders
  • Goal is to enhance and improve the user experience to create more demand
    • All these initiatives will help to scale the industry, establishing Macau as a platform in the overall strategic air transportation plan for GBA