The Voices of Haiti Choir arrived in New York City today for a week of benefit concerts with singer Andrea Bocelli. The children’s choir traveled in style to Newark International Airport on a Boeing Business Jet chartered by hourly cost maintenance provider JSSI, which also is hosting a Voices of Haiti Cruise to take the children and their teachers to the Statue of Liberty on September 18. They will also get to enjoy a cooking class with Martha Stewart.

This is not the first time JSSI has lent a helping hand in Haiti. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, the company worked with the Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergences (CARE) network to donate more that $1 million worth of business aircraft flight hours to send supplies, equipment, medical personnel and volunteers to areas in need. In addition, JSSI waived payment for flight hours flown by JSSI-covered aircraft to support Haiti relief effort. It also purchased around 20,000 pounds of essential supplies for earthquake victims.

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation is supporting the Voices of Haiti program through its partnership with the Foundation of St. Luke in Haiti, a non-profit Catholic-oriented organization that assists some 90,000 people focusing on education, health care, community development and agricultural management.

JSSI chairman Bob Book and his wife Amy are strong personal supporters of the work with Voices of Haiti, as is their son Neil, who is the company’s CEO. “Veronica and I are grateful for the many wonderful contributions that my good friends Bob and Amy Book and the entire JSSI organization are making to the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and to the St Luke Foundation,” said Bocelli. “Their generosity and active participation with the children will inspire them and the people of Haiti for many years to come.”