AsBAA Congratulates Ameco on its First Full-scale Cabin Interior Mockup and Held the 3rd AsBAA Executive Forum in Beijing

On November 26, AsBAA celebrated its 3rd Executive Forum in Beijing. At the event, which welcomed leaders of the industry in China, platinum member, Ameco, celebrated the completion of their full-size ACJ319 cabin mock-up, showcasing their capabilities via the AsBAA community.

In attendance, Mr. Rocky Zhang, Vice chairman of AsBAA and Mr. Ni Jiliang, CEO of Ameco and senior executives from AsBAA member companies.

“Today marked a milestone for the development of Ameco in the field of the aircraft cabin solutions”, said Ni Jiliang, Chief Executive Officer of Ameco, “We are dedicated to providing customer-tailored, one-stop services for the industry and we thank AsBAA for providing an opportunity to showcase and network.”

At the ceremony, guests visited the ACJ319 full-size simulation cabin. Member of AsBAA, Helen Wen, vice president, sales marketing of Asia Pacific, Collins Aerospace, the simulation cabin entertainment system supplier, said: “Very much honored to cooperation with Ameco, world-class aircraft maintenance and interior design engineering of MRO, the ACJ cabin model shows us two V/VVIPS operators and provide seamless docking of the interior of the cabin.”

Paul Desgrosseilliers, Vice Chairman of AsBAA said after boarding:
“I want to congratulate Ameco on the completion of this wonderful mock-up and the extortionary amount of time and energy that went into every detail of the mock-up aircraft. The ACJ 319 interior is stunning, and both comfortable yet functional at the same time. There’s no doubt that Ameco is well positioned as a leader in designing and completing VVIP aircraft and set to take advantage of a growing completion and refurbishment market that is beginning to emerge in Asia.”

Ameco, the Chinese MRO specialist, has been involved completion and maintenance on large-scale business jets since the 1990s. It is a CAAC Designated Modification Design Organization Representative (DMDOR). It has Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), CAAC MDA/STC and SAI Global-issued AS/EN9100 certificate of registration and EASA Design Organization Approval, as well as authorized as an official BBJ licensed Completion Center and Warranty Service Center.

The 3rd AsBAA executive forum is held right after the ceremony. Technical experts and executive representatives from CAAC academy of science and technology and AsBAA member companies have in-depth discussions and exchanges, including the application and implementation of security data for business jet operation. Participants agreed that airport FBO and general aviation infrastructure investment should be developed in tandem with the characteristics of the business jet market, which could promote the local economy. Only when the market is dominant, there is competition and order, which lead to promote the benign interaction between regulation and market fully openness.

The executives also made suggestions for AsBAA’s work on how to unite the industry colleagues and to voice more effectively on behalf of the industry through strategic planning and implementation, in dialogue with regulators and local governments. AsBAA social responsibility program especially need support and encourage young practitioners of the industry and the new generation to devote themselves to the aviation profession.

Rocky Zhang, Vice chairman of AsBAA, expressed his thanks to Ameco, the organizer of the ceremony at the executive forum in his concluding remarks. “The evolution of business aviation in mainland China is very clear in latest two years.” he said. “The industry is returning to rationality and is in a special period of maturity. AsBAA stands for the whole industry chain, and will work with its members and industry colleagues to keep moving forward, neither being conceited nor belittling ourselves. Advocacy, representation and community are AsBAA three pillars: We promote the core values of the business aviation initiative through a variety of activities, and speak on behalf of the industry, members and all stakeholders of business aviation, and build a sustainable aviation community that promotes economic development and employment.”


Pictures: Ameco’s First Full-scale Cabin Interior Mock-up



Pictures: Ceremony

上图为: Ameco首席执行官倪继良致辞


(From left to right : Rocky Zhang、Ni jiliang and Chen liping jointly cut the ribbon for the completion of a full-size cabin mockup of ACJ319. Tengbin presided over the ceremony.

Ameco leaders with guests and executives of AsBAA member companies at the ceremony group photos ( from left to right ):

Paul. D / GM of Execujet Haite; Vice Chairman of AsBAA

Hu Kaiping / GM of Tag Aviation China

Cathy Liu / GM of Dassault Falcon Beijing Service Center

Jin lixin / Senior Vice President of Deer Jet

Qiudong / Senior Vice President of Amber Aviation

Michael Wang / Director of Customer Service, Embraer Business Jet

Zhuxiao / CMO of Ameco

Rocky Zhang / Vice Chairman of AsBAA; Vicepresident of Government Affair, Textron China

Ni Jiliang / CEO of Ameco

Chen liping / Vice President of China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology

Kevin Wu / Vice President of Sale, Greater China of Textron Aviation

Yang Lulu / Director of Sales and Marketing, COMAC

Yujin / Vice President of BAA

Steve Jiang / BBJ Beijing Tech Support

Alex Chang / GM of Bombardier Tianjin Service Center

Patrick Lin / Chairman of the Board, GZYT FBO

Helen Wen / Vice President of Sale, Asia Pacific, Collins Aerospace

Michael Chen / GM of Metrojet China