Dear Members

A sincere thank you

As 2019 draws to a close, we take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the year.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Board of Governors, I wish to close 2019 with the following messages. Thank you for your time in reading this note and Happy Holidays!

A collective effort

AsBAA is made up of members from a diverse range of companies; each equally vital to our ecosystem. I’d like to take a moment to recognise the roles of each individual sector and the achievements that have supported our collective development.

We are proud and honoured to call so many leaders of industry members of the AsBAA community.
In 2019, we have seen manufacturers take the lead on essential work relating to sustainability, safety, and of course – mind-blowing innovation. We have seen operators and management companies consolidate, shift, mature, and (in many cases) expand into the fruitful markets of Greater China and Southeast Asia. We have also been delighted to observe a thriving supporting services sector including fuel, legal, financial, and risk management. New Asia-centric business models have emerged, business aviation curricula have been introduced in Asia’s top universities, and our region has found its feet; or at least, our place in the clouds.

Our members in Asia and around the world have supported AsBAA with vital work in 2019. From individual to platinum members, from Safety Day and Icons of Aviation supporters, to education-session speakers and AsBAA Discovery team members; from Board member volunteers to our friends in the media, and anyone that has given AsBAA their most precious resource in 2019; time – we thank you.

The world is becoming smaller each day, more connected, efficient, and resilient. This said, our industry in Asia would not exist without the understanding of the governments that we operate under. In turn, our association cannot represent the benefits of our industry without your support. This statement has been repeated many times; for very good reason: it is fundamental to our collective success.

A year for stability

In 2019, I had the great honour of being elected as Chairman of AsBAA. In cooperation with the Board of Directors, we committed to continuing stable operations, whilst implementing new targets and objectives. In 2019, we successfully stabilised all regional chapters, consolidated the programme of events, and defined the advocacy mandate for 2020.

Advocacy for a new decade

Central to AsBAA’s mission is our commitment to deliver value added services and advice under the three pillars of Advocacy, Representation, and Community. With the latter two pillars now running successfully across the region, the Board’s major focus in 2020-21 is to implement the Advocacy pillar in terms of the association’s legislative agenda.

The strengthened Chapters provide a channel through which AsBAA obtains insight on localised issues. Over the years of the association, a cooperative and collaborative approach to problem solving at a government level has proved highly effective. We commit to continued and increased momentum in this regard in 2020-21.

Representation is foundational to industry advancement

The industry is shifting: The infrastructure that we use; the way that users engage with business and general aviation; technology; aviation education; and the way that our industry is perceived; is all developing. Looking ahead, our mutual success will rely on our willingness to be future-focused; for AsBAA, this will include pushing Asia forward in line with our global counterparts. In parallel, we must retain a clear commitment to our values and ethics including corporate social responsibility, gender equality, education, and transparency. AsBAA’s Representation pillar ensures that our members have a space to these issues and more. In addition to a positive narrative, in 2020 we plan to offer an expanded toolkit of Representation resources.

These services, which are inclusive of membership include:

AsBAA Safety Days in Malaysia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines
AsBAA co-organisation of the launch of Women in Corporate Aviation Asia
AsBAA-led speaking opportunities at key events including ABACE2020
AsBAA-led sustainability programme – set to raise awareness and promote sustainability initiatives to bring Asia in line with Europe and the Americas
New, localised chapter support in Malaysia and Thailand
Strengthened AsBAA Discovery student and careers programme with job advertisement, recruitment services, and AsBAA-supported business aviation curriculum with partner institutions.

A Community for growth and collaboration

Despite challenges and frustrations – our curated Community remains more valuable and important than ever. As before, our ability to cooperate as a community will be the key to essential change. We have seen the evidence of the positive power of cooperation during lobbying work and CSR work, and we urge you to continue working as a team through AsBAA for the good of us all. Asia must take steps forward to ensure the opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative, and those presented by the advancement of Southeast Asian markets, are fully capitalised upon. AsBAA recognises its role as facilitator of change on behalf of the Community; and we thank and request your on-going support which enables us to act on behalf of us all.

Happy Holidays and well wishes for the New Year

In 2020, AsBAA commits to delivering a valuable membership to you all. We wish you a happy, healthy, and very Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Mr. Zhendong Wu, Chairman of AsBAA