Montreal, 20 May 2019 — Business aviation support services firm ACASS is proud to announce its accreditation by the most prestigious aircraft dealers’ association, IADA (International Aircraft Dealers Association).

The accreditation makes ACASS one of only three percent of aircraft dealers worldwide to have passed IADA’s stringent accreditation procedure. IADA accreditation utilizes a quantifiable, measurable structure administered by an independent third party to ensure professional and ethical behavior within the industry.

“We are delighted to be a part of this world class professional organization,” says ACASS CEO Andre Khury. “Connecting with other IADA members to ensure the highest standards of service and conduct will only help us better serve our global clientele.”

“IADA’s standards for accreditation are, admittedly, very high” says IADA President and CEO Brian Proctor. “This is imperative for aircraft buyers and sellers to have complete assurance in the dealers and brokers we certify. I am happy to say, ACASS epitomizes the professionalism and integrity that merit IADA membership.”

IADA is a professional trade association formed more than 25 years ago. Promoting the growth and public understanding of the aircraft resale industry, IADA now offers the world’s only accreditation program for dealers and the only certification program for individual brokers. The process delivers high standards of business conduct and transparency regarding aircraft transactions, leading to a more efficient and reliable marketplace.

Formed in 1991 as The National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA) when eight of America’s leading aircraft dealers came together to assure aircraft buyers and sellers of the highest level of ethics, experience, standards and trust. Since its conceptualization, the organization has grown to be a worldwide association of more than 100 Aircraft Dealers, Brokers and business aviation product and service companies that do business in over 100 countries.

In 2018, NARA officially changed its name to IADA to reflect its constant presence around the world and international domination of pre-owned aircraft sales. Although a mere 3% of all aircraft dealers have earned an IADA Membership, these dealers constitute to over 60% of all pre-owned aircraft sales globally.

ACASS is a Montreal based worldwide provider of highly customized support services for business aviation. For over 25 years, they have empowered leaders to own their journeys with world-class expertise and best-in-class services, including aircraft sales and acquisition, aircraft management and flight crew staffing.

Advantages of being an IADA Accredited Dealer

IADA provides a facility for professional standards, ethics and exchange of information among its members and to the public for the purpose of creating a more efficient market, facilitating transactions and providing transparency into the transaction process, thereby increasing business aircraft ownership and usage worldwide.

Accreditation among the world’s leading aircraft dealers establishes consistent standards of behavior so that buyers and sellers of aircraft can be more confident in selecting the professionals and experts who provide them counsel during negotiations and advise them in all aspects of aircraft transactions. Once dealers achieve IADA accreditation, they must maintain that high professional level in order to retain their status.

Accredited Dealers are a select few that have succeeded to meet rigorous standards that ensure only the most respected and experienced dealers become IADA Members. Dealers must be re-accredited every (3) years, this process enhances marketing value for the Dealer while providing customers with efficient, ethical and effective aircraft transactions.