South East Asia Committee

In South East Asia our objective is to increase the awareness of Airport Operators and Civil Aviation Authorities on AsBAA’s presence and the importance of Business Aviation in the SE Asia region. We also focus on reducing process time to obtain overfly and landing permits for private charter flights by introducing ‘ASEAN Block Permit’, as well as improve facilities and facilitation for Business Aviation by having proper FBO with a dedicated parking apron established at major airports.

The South East Asia Committee regularly meets with Airport Directors and the Director General of CAA/DCA in the SE Asia region to present the Business Aviation concept and gain their support. We also work with press and media to publicise AsBAA and Business Aviation issue(s) throughout the region. And in addition we solicit concerted effort from all Country Liaison Officers (CLOs) to introduce ‘SE Asia or ASEAN Block Permit’ to each Civil Aviation Authority so business/private jet operators can operate their flights in a more timely manner.