There are many challenges facing the industry in Asia, but there is also enormous opportunity for growth and advancement. At AsBAA, we will drive the association forward on behalf of our members, representing the needs of the industry as whole. Supporting an IBAC member association such as AsBAA creates win-win outcomes for all stakeholders. Together, we can advocate the merits of industry and achieve growth in Asia; tackling our common challenges with greater influence. Aside from problem solving, being a member of AsBAA also creates opportunities for saving budget, networking and a resource for the latest industry news and market intelligence. We are committed to supporting business and general aviation protection and advancement under our three pillars: Advocacy, Representation and Community. If you are not yet an AsBAA member, why not? Join us. Your Association Needs YOU!

Jenny Lau

AsBAA Chairperson

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We need your support. AsBAA is a dynamic organisation; we consolidate issues in the region, focus on the needs in Asia Pacific and deliver serious input to the debate and offer a platform to meet and discuss issues. AsBAA is committed to drive change for the good of the industry.

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  • One voice in Asia Pacific; together we take a consistent approach.
  • Working for our members; we are a representative body.
  • Authoritative; new members is an increased voice and more influence.

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