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Through AsBAA Discovery, we bridge the gap between next generation talent and the industry. We protect the future of the business and general aviation (BA/GA) talent pool by providing opportunities for young people to access a career in BA/GA. To advertise your internship, professional development course or career opportunity, please get in touch.


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Tsing Yi IVE Industrial Attachment Programme 2016/2017

In 2016, HKBAC had partnered with Tsing Yi IVE for the first Industrial Attachment Programme (IA Programme) aiming to nurture talents who are passionate in the Aviation industry by offering them with real life learning and development opportunities. Details are as follows.

The IA programme can bring mutual benefit to both HKBAC and students. Students could apply and enhance their knowledge and skillsets in a real industrial environment and HKBAC could also be beneficial by:

Hong Kong International Aviation Academy Internship Programme 2017/2018

Way Forward

Four Course Modules

  1. Aircraft Acquisition and Financing
  2. International Air Law for Lawyers and Legal Professionals
  3. Airline Contract Law – the contracts discussed include aircraft purchase agreements and ground handling agreements so wider application than just airlines.
  4. Aviation Law for Managers (non-lawyers)

A participant who completes the four elective courses within three years can obtain IATA - International Air Law Diploma (