AsBAA has organised a series of information sessions during ABACE#16. Interested in the recent trends of aircrafts being sold from Asia to the US, EU and Middle East markets? Or come visit the discussion panel with an update on the complexities and ever-increasing safety concerns in the region. If the evolution in technology is more your area of interest, do visit the panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon. The complete education session agenda, can be found below, including time and location. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our sessions!


Time: Tuesday 10:30-12:00
Topic: Selling A/C from Asia to US/EU/ME & New EU Customs Rules/Ownership/Registration jurisdictions
Moderator: Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales
Title: International Sales of Asian-Based Aircraft
Speakers: David Dixon, Jetcraft Asia; Zhendong Wu, Avion Pacific Ltd, (TBC), Steven Cain Equiom and Richard Smith Cayman Island Registry.
Description: Recent trends see aircraft being sold from Asia to the US, EU, and Middle East markets. This session will look at sales in Greater China and how to market an Asia-based aircraft to the world market, typical issues, and the aircraft de-registration and re-registration processes. The session will also address the EU’s new ownership and Customs rules, and how they affect aircraft transactions.
Location: Meeting Room #1

Time: Tuesday 13:00-14:30
Topic: International Operations / Major Sporting & Economic Events (Olympics – Japan / Brazil, Football European Championships, Champions League Final, WEF Davos, G20 & G8 summits) – Iran & Cuban sanctions lifted.
Title: Update on International Operations
Moderator: Ty Dubay; Netjets China
Panel Speakers: Craig Hanlon, DuPont; Roman Stampoulis, UAS; Charlie Mularski, Universal Weather Asia Pacific; Mandy Eddington, Medaire and Xia Shi, Jeppesen
Description: International flight operations continue to grow more complex with ever-increasing safety and health concerns, risks to aircraft and crew, as well as new technical and regulatory requirements. This panel session will address new requirements, how to ensure safety on the ground, and best practices to comply with temporary NOTAM’s. Special consideration will be given to the European Championships in France, Summer Olympics in Brazil, and recently eased restrictions in Iran and Cuba. The panel will explain the operational restrictions, security and health issues to be aware of, and Customs and Immigration procedures for these special events.
Location: Meeting Room #1

Time: Tuesday 15:00-16:30
Topic: Evolution of Technology in Flight Operations / Cockpit / Cabin Interiors
Title: Modernizing Your Business Aircraft Front to Back
Moderator: Henry Chan, HAECO;
Panel Speakers: Jan Grube, Lufthansa Technik; Mike Dupuis, Rockwell Collins/ARINC; Michael Christensen, SatCom Direct; Murtaza Hasan, Jet Aviation Singapore and Mark Winzar, JSSI.
Description: Technology continues to revolutionize aviation both up front in the cockpit and back in the passenger cabin as well as tracking your maintenance needs. This session will look at the evolution of technology related to aircraft how it affects dispatch percentages, flight operations, and how it improves the passenger’s flying experience. Panelists will relate new technologies to MRO’s, operators, regulators, crew, and buyers’ expectations. The panelists’ discussion will also examine what is popular in Asian markets today and innovations that are around the corner.
Location: Meeting Room #1

Time:  Wednesday 13th April 10:15-11:15
Topic: How exposed are you, and is a finance-operating lease better than a private wealth loan solution?
Title: What to be mindful of in a Sales Transaction
Moderator: Danielle Roman, Mourant Ozannes
Speakers:  Laela Pakpourtabrizi, Vista Jet; Leona Qi, Global Jet Capital; Gary Moran, Aon Insurance and Jolie Howard CIT Leasing
Description:  Across Greater China and SE Asia, the private aviation aircraft fleet is in the midst of a refresh. Some companies are replacing older aircraft while others are consolidating. World economic forces and increasing depreciation rates are driving changes to the way aircraft are financed and insured. Hear about the latest business aviation financing and insurance sources, rates, and structures.
Location: Meeting Room #1

Time: Wednesday 10:15-11:15
Topic: Helicopter Industry
Title: Update on the Helicopter Industry in China & Around the World
Speaker: Chris Jaran, Bell Helicopter; Nadav Kessler Asian Sky Group (TBC) and Philip Stransky Waypoint Leasing (TBC)
Description:  Helicopter operations continue to grow in China. Chris will provide an update on the status of the industry, to include current fleet structure, fleet growth, regulations, and future opportunities, as well as the current state of the helicopter industry around the world. The discussion will also include different types of operations, safety initiatives, regulations, opportunities and challenges faced by the industry.
Location: Meeting Room #2

Time: Wednesday 11:30-12:30
Topic: Asian Market Review
Title: State of the Union
Moderator: Jeff Lowe, Asian Sky Group
Speakers: Bjorn Naf, Metrojet Ltd; Jet Aviation Business Jets Barry Collier (TBC);Zetta Jet (Name TBC); and Cui Haifeng, China Eastern Airlines Executive Air
Description: Asia continues to be a dynamic market for private aviation. The market continues to grow but in different ways than two years ago. In this session, the audience will hear top highlights from 2015 reports displaying the current market trends and industry statistics in Greater China and SE Asia initially providing commentary and lively debate from expert panelist speakers.
Location: Meeting Room #1

Time: Wednesday 11:30-12:30
Topic: Helicopter Safety
Title: IHST Safety Initiatives
Speaker: Representative from the AHEST
Description:  The International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) is made up of government and industry leaders formed to address the factors affecting an unacceptable international civil helicopter accident rate. With a goal of significantly reducing the accident rate, the IHST is establishing international partnerships to encourage development and implementation of safety interventions by sharing lessons learned. This session will look at current IHST safety initiatives.
Location: Meeting Room #2

Time: Wednesday 13:30-14:30
Topic: Infrastructure investment in Airports & FBO’s
Title: Impact of Aviation Infrastructure Investment across Asia
Moderator: Mike Walsh, Asia Jet
Speakers: Caspar Baum, Aviation Surbana Jurong a Temasek Company; Albert Yau, HKAA Zhuhai Airport; Yang Fan, China Minsheng Investment Company and Simon D’Oyly, MJets Thailand and Mr Cai DeerJet FBO Network
Description: To deal with growing traffic, a significant investment in infrastructure is being made across Asia. New airports are being built, existing airports are reaching capacity and are being expanded, and private aviation FBO’s are starting to be built. What is the overall infrastructure picture, and where and how is it being changed? When will this new infrastructure be available for use? Seasoned industry experts will address changing aviation infrastructure in Asia.
Location: Meeting Room #1

Time: Wednesday 13:30-14:30
Topic: Helicopter Training
Title:  NZ Aviation Safety Culture and Advanced Training Techniques
Speaker:  Kingsley Thompson, High Tech Helicopters
Description:  An overview of the vastly experienced New Zealand ‘Aviation Safety Culture’ spanning more than 50 years of operations in New Zealand. From this experienced industry, we have commercially developed ‘Advanced Training Techniques’ that are now available to help SAFELY develop the Chinese Helicopter Industry. These include Sling (Longline), Agricultural Operations, HEMS, Emergency Procedures (Autorotations/Tail Rotor Malfunctions etc.), Wire Collision Avoidance, plus many more!
Location: Meeting Room #2

Time: Wednesday 15:00-16:00
Topic: IBAC – Its increasing active role in supporting its member BizAv Associations, the value prospect & operational standards IS-BAO & IS-BAH can offer your aviation organization.
Title: Operating to the Highest Standard
Speakers: Kurt Edwards, IBAC; Sonnie Bates, IS-BAO; together with IS-BAO approved China Operator – Hu Wen Bin, All Points Jet
Description: The International Business Aviation Council’s (IBAC) International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is designed to promote use of high quality operating practices for international business aircraft operations. Launched on July 1, 2014, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) is designed to promote use of industry best practices for FBOs and other business aircraft handlers. IBAC leaders will explain how these programs continue to raise the bar for safety.
Location: Meeting Room #1

Time: Wednesday 15:00-16:00
Topic: Helicopter Operations
Title: Fly Easy and Safe
Speakers:  Robert Erlick, Honeywell Aerospace;
Description: How to keep helicopters flying safely is a key concern of operators. This session will discuss cockpit system, helicopter connectivity and aircraft health monitoring from the pilot perspective and hear from two local commercial helicopter operators in Greater China and their challenges since operations commenced.
Location: Meeting Room #2

Time: 0930-1500
Topic: AsBAA @ #ABACE16 –Student Chapter
Title: Business Aviation -YOUR Career of Choice
Description: Students who are pursuing aviation careers, including those attending Shanghai Civil Aviation College (SCAC) 上海民航职业技术学院, are invited to attend the AsBAA’s Student Chapter Day at #ABACE16. Senior leaders from ABACE16 will discuss career paths and opportunities for graduates seeking future employment. Come and be exposed to cool aviation special mission products and latest technologies as well as hear about the latest business aviation trends and disruptors that bode well for the future of our wonderful industry. Get up close and personal with leaders from across Business Aviation within Greater China and SE Asia.
Location: General Session Area
Security will clear the students from 9am to 9.25am and let them congregate at the main stage ahead of the opening remarks that will commence at 09.30am.
Opening Speeches: Ed Bolen President of NBAA, Charlie Mularski Chairman of AsBAA and Kevin Wu President of Textron China will introduce the #AsBAA@ABACE16 -Student Chapter.

Topic: Business Aviation – A career of Choice
Speakers: Ty Dubay President Netjets China, Jane Wang In-house Counsel Asian Sky Group, Mike Walsh CEO of Asia Jet & Jenny Lau President of Sino Jet
Description: Listen to Four inspiring industry experts from Asia on why they got into aviation with video and visual effects, an interactive session with the students. Posing them questions throughout and to invite the runner ups and announce the winner on to the stage who won the competition for best innovative idea for ABACE17 student chapter tee shirt design and logo.

Topic: LOOK UP – Hospitals in the Sky
Speakers: Representatives from Orbis Charity Marie Wang & Mary Lau; Dassault Falcon Jet, Jerome Desmazures
Description: “Orbis” Charity will come and talk about the progress of their latest retrofitted MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital aircraft and the wonderful work they do with surgical and education missions around the world. Its first mission is scheduled to be in China later this year. Dassault Falcon Jet will share insights and talk about its latest special missions Medevac fully kitted out ICU onboard aircraft -the Falcon 2000 recently entered into service for Beijing 999 in China

1200 -1230
Topic: Learning what Business Aviation employers are looking for from fresh graduates and MBA students in this current market.
Speakers: AsBAA leadership team led by Chairman Charlie Mularski
Description: Essential tips and HR advice on hand to help students prepare for applying for the jobs that match their skills and talent within China’s growing aviation market. Listen to, engage and question aviation leaders for helping the NextGen of Leaders in the future.

Break for student box lunch, sitting down together with AsBAA board of directors and governors as well as senior NBAA officials who will sit in groups and eat together, answer any questions the students/teachers may have.

Group photos taken on the main stage with everyone wearing their AsBAA Student Chapter tee-shirts.

Static Display Tour – Students will be escorted and split into groups and taken around to meet with the CHALET exhibitors and have the opportunity to learn more about the aircraft on the static display.

1500 – Conclusion of the Student Chapter Day’s activities.
Students will be escorted off the premises and let go by 1500 sharp to leave on their buses.