1. Be mindful of your personal comments

As one of the candidate for a position desired, we hope to impress our potential employer during the interview. We strive to do the research regarding the company such as mission, vision, company news and organizational structure. We have not ever worked in that company, which could possibly be a great workplace that we are looking for. In the interviews, the impression is vital for employers who is meeting with you. How do you introduce about yourself, how do you feel about your former employers, how do you describe your peers or supervisors in the past working experiences? Your feedback is to demonstrate your attitude and perspectives to everything around you in life. In BA industry, reputation/personal brand is relatively important within your network, which reflect the messages that you do deliver.

2. Choose the right words from your emotional vocabulary

Emotional Intelligence becomes a top trend for our employees. Resilience is the major trait that most of the employer look at. We value the continuous development and career growth for our human assets. Positivity plays a key role how you deal with the challenges, which is also in relation to longevity and loyalty, in a company perspective. Throughout the communication, the candidates can share their experiences with potential employers about themselves in a positive way, instead of negative feelings e.g. anger, a sense of loss, aggressive, anxious, doubt etc.

3. What you do not know can help you

Being authentic and self-aware can be useful for making connection with your interviewers. For an inexperienced candidate or a fresh graduate, the interviewers would like to understand more about you, rather than the standard answers that the job applicants may be able to search through internet.

4. A respectful candidate

Building the relationship with your colleagues or industry partner can be a great tool for your position of every field in the BA industry. Your interviewer could be your future mentor or immediate supervisor for the position. Candidates can apply the specific examples with a sense of humbleness and engagement according to the previous working experiences, as to reflect the willingness to learn.

5. Contribution vs. Accomplishment

BA is a dynamic industry with a great level of cultural diversity especially there are many experts from local and oversea. For the organizational changes and company expansion, it always emphasizes the efforts from the entire team as a key drive to develop the businesses. In the interviews, highlighting your own achievement could reflect what kind of key performance indicator that you have accomplished. Your contribution to the team can be used to elaborate the soft skills that you have applied to break-through.