VistaJet grows team and launches Chinese website owing to passenger demand

For the six months to 30th June 2017:

• Program Membership sales increase globally by a record 57% as customer retention hits 91% across all regions

• 12% year-on-year increase on passenger departures from China

• 100% customer renewal rate in Greater China in the first half of 2017

• VistaJet Chinese website launched at

27th July, 2017 – VistaJet continues to build on its China growth and demonstrates a commitment to the region by expanding its team and launching a Chinese language website. This follows a surge of interest from the April launch of a bespoke WeChat booking platform.

VistaJet’s USD2.5 billion global infrastructure demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing the ultimate business aviation solution for corporate leaders, governments and UHNWIs. Additionally, expansion plans in China are being geared to creating a seamless flying experience for the increasingly tech savvy Chinese customer.

This is an exciting new period of customer growth for the business. VistaJet’s Program Membership sales continued to accelerate with a 57% year-on-year growth worldwide, while global customer retention reached 91%. China is one of the fastest growing markets for the company, with a first half 12% increase in passenger traffic departing from the country, and a 14% gain in passengers arriving. VistaJet has also sold over 6,000 new hours of annual subscriptions globally during the first half of 2017 alone.

The company’s renewal hours more than tripled in the first half of the year, and the number of new Program customers rose by 61% compared to the same period a year ago. With its unique business model offering customers access to its full fleet without the asset risk, the Asia team secured a 100% customer renewal rate in Greater China.

Leona Qi, President of VistaJet Asia said: “This is undoubtedly a good moment to build the demand we are experiencing from around the world. Like all our patrons, the Chinese customer demands a perfect, bespoke flying experience and one that begins long before that first booking is made. This is the value that VistaJet offers all of its customers, and our focus is to provide them with the best possible service.

“As a truly global aviation company, being global means understanding and catering for the unique cultural tastes and needs of each country. The launch of our WeChat booking system and a dedicated Chinese language website demonstrates our absolute commitment to create an unrivalled and tailored travel experience.” Qi adds.

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About VistaJet 

VistaJet is the first and only global aviation company. On its fleet of silver and red business jets, VistaJet has flown corporations, governments and private clients to 187 countries worldwide. Founded in 2004 by Mr. Thomas Flohr, the company pioneered an innovative business model where customers pay only for the hours they fly, free of the responsibilities and asset risks linked to aircraft ownership. VistaJet’s signature Program service offers customers a bespoke subscription of flight hours on its fleet of super-mid and long range jets, to fly them anywhere and at any time.

VistaJet China is the trading name of VJCN (Beijing) Aviation Consulting Co., Ltd. VistaJet China is not a direct or indirect aircraft operator. China registered aircraft coordinated and arranged by VistaJet China are formally registered with the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority, and operated by duly licensed Chinese air carriers.

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截至 6 月 30 日的 6 个月:

 • 全球会员计划销量激增 57%,创历史记录,各地区顾客保留率达 91%

• 2017 年上半年,中国出发乘客数量同比增长 12%

• 2017 年上半年,大中华区顾客续约率达 100%

• 维思达公务机推出中文网站

2017 年 7 月 27 日 –维思达公务机 (VistaJet) 通过扩大在华团队规模和发布中文网站,正在进一 步拓展中国市场。今年 4 月,维思达公务机推出定制微信预订平台,引发了顾客的极大关注与兴 趣。

维思达公务机拥有价值 25 亿美元的全球基础设施,为全球企业高管、政府和高净值客户提供飞行 定制方案。另外,在中国的发展计划是为了给日益以科技化为导向的中国客户打造一流舒适的飞行 体验。

维思达公务机已在 2017 年 4 月推出微信预订平台。顾客可以通过这个平台预定全球统一品牌的 70 多架自有公务机,使用手机便可随时联系 24 小时全天候服务的全球团队预订航班。此外,这个 平台确保客户直接从维思达公务机获取第一手信息,没有任何延迟。

维思达公务机客户增长达到新的阶段。会员计划全球销量同比增长 57%,全球顾客保留率达 91%。中国是维思达公务机发展速度最快的市场之一,上半年出发乘客量增长 12%,抵达乘客上 升 14%。仅 2017 年上半年,维思达公务机出售的全球年度会员小时数已超过 6,000 小时。

今年上半年,维思达公务机的续约小时数增长超过三倍,与去年同期相比,参加会员计划的新顾客 人数增加 61%。凭借能够使用整支机队却无需承担资产风险的独特商业模式,亚洲团队在大中华 区实现了 100%顾客续约率的杰出业绩。

维思达公务机亚太区总裁祁小骊 (Leona Qi) 表示:“根据我们目前全球发展的趋势,现在无疑是 一个建立需求的好时机。正如我们所有客户一样,中国顾客要求完美的定制飞行体验,这种体验远 在客户预订第一个航班之前就已经开始了。这是维思达公务机践行的服务价值观,我们工作的重心 是为顾客提供最佳的体验 。”

“作为一家真正的全球化航空公司,全球化意味着我们了解并满足各个国家和地区的独特文化品味 和需求。推出微信预订系统和专属中文网站表明我们提供无与伦比的量身定制飞行体验的决心。” 祁小骊补充道。


*此新闻稿中的声明内容以且仅以截至发布日期的可用信息为准,并非公司财务业绩或 2017 财年 财务状况的完整声明,并未经过独立注册会计师事务所的审计、审查或编制。因此,此新闻稿的财 务信息仅为初步内容,未经审核,公司结算和审计流程完成后,可能有所修改。除法律规定公布的 任何信息外,本公司对本新闻稿所含信息之更新不负任何责任。




维思达公务机是全球第一家和唯一一家全球航空公司。维思达银色机身配红色线条的公务机队为公 司、政府和私人客户提供飞往世界 187 个国家的飞行服务。2004 年,Thomas Flohr 创立维思达 公务机,开拓了创新的商业模式,客户只需为实际飞行小时支付费用,无需承担飞机产权相关的责 任和资产风险。维思达标志性的“会员计划”产品服务为客户提供中长距离机队的定制飞行时数订 购,可随时随地飞行。

“维思达公务机中国”为“维捷斯恩(北京)航空服务咨询有限公司”的商业名称,维思达公务机 中国不是直接或间接的飞机运营商。由维思达公务机中国协调并安排的中国注册的公务机均在中国 民航局正式注册,并且均由持正规执照的中国航空承运人运营。



Amy Yang

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Jane Mok

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VistaJet Launches New Digital Platforms as Growth Accelerates in China