( Photo : Jolie Howard, CEO, TAG Aviation Asia, received the AOC certification from Jorge Colindres, Chairman, San Marino Aircraft Registry and  David Colindres, President, San Marino Aircraft Registry at a Presentation Ceremony held on 10th October at this year’s Business Aviation (NBAA) Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

Asia, 11th October 2017 – TAG Aviation San Marino, is a subsidiary of TAG Aviation Asia, has been awarded an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of San Marino (SM-CAA). TAG Asia is the first aviation company in Asia to receive an AOC from San Marino and has already opened a dedicated office and sourced its launch aircraft which is a Gulfstream 650ER.

Receiving the San Marino AOC will further enhance TAG Asia’s high quality customer relations provisions within aircraft management and charter services activities. The company also holds an AOC from Hong Kong and currently manages a fleet of 48 business jets within the Asia Pacific region.

“We are delighted to have obtained this AOC from the SM-CAA, enabling us to expand commercial aircraft operations for our clients” said, Jolie Howard, CEO, TAG Aviation Asia and Accountable Manager. “The San Marino AOC allows us to advance the scope of customer services and widen our range of bespoke services by providing the flexibility of various operating solutions.”

“The Republic of San Marino has recently been recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) for adhering to regulatory standards and maintaining a robust safety oversight program” said, Marco Conti, Director General, San Marino Civil Aviation Authority. “Therefore it is simply an honour for our small Republic to be considered by a titan of the aviation industry and it has been our pleasure to work on the AOC process with professionals of such a high calibre. Welcome to TAG Aviation San Marino”.

“The San Marino CAA certification team worked both professionally and proactively with TAG Aviation throughout a constantly changing aircraft delivery time to facilitate the AOC certification process while ensuring compliance with the San Marino regulations which conform with international standards” said, Simon Bambridge, TAG Aviation Asia’s Project Manager of the San Marino AOC.





(照片:TAG航空亚洲首席执行官钟旋女士于今年10月10日在美国内华达州拉斯韦加斯举行的商业航空会议展览会(NBAA)上,获圣马力诺共和国民航局主席Jorge Colindres及圣马力诺共和国民航局总裁David Colindres颁发航空经营许可证书认证。)

TAG航空亚洲附属公司,TAG航空圣马力诺 (San Marino) 获圣马力诺共和国民航局(SM-CAA)授予航空经营许可证书(AOC)。TAG亚洲是第一家获得圣马力诺航空经营许可证书的亚洲航空公司,并于圣马力诺开设了专门的办公室,湾流650ER是首架营运许可证书的飞机。



圣马力诺民航局局长Marco Conti表示:「圣马力诺共和国最近已被国际民航组织(ICAO)认可,以遵守其监管标准和维护强而穏健的安全监督计划。 因此,我们這小共和国很荣幸被航空界巨人认同,也很高兴在审批航空经营许可证书,能與高素质的专业人士一起合作。 欢迎TAG航空圣马力诺。」

TAG航空亚洲—圣马力诺航空经营许可证书项目经理Simon Bambridge表示:「圣马力诺民航局认证小组在TAG航空公司不断变化的飞机交付时间内,提供专业和主动的合作,促使航空经营许可证书认证过程顺利,同时确保遵守符合国际标准的圣马力诺法规。」