Established in 1995 as the first privately managed Category-1 aircraft registry in the world as rated by the FAA. Its mission since day one has been to offer flexibility, dependability, and safety in flight, a guarantee upheld throughout the course of their history.

In many respects The Registry of Aruba is a pioneer, by being the first aircraft registry to outsource its administrative operations to an independent company, a model which is now followed by many of the younger aircraft registries.

Innovation continues in Aruba as we develop and grow our reputation for flexibility and range of value added services, while still providing the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Aircraft registered in Aruba are given the liberty to choose their registration marks. Aruba’s P4 (PAPA 4), nationality mark is followed by three letters; enabling the owner or operator to customize their aircraft registration marks and create attractive, suggestive, and vanity tail combinations, such as P4-FLY. The three-letter combination can be personalized, out of sequence at no cost, and transferred onto a different aircraft.

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