Dear AsBAA Friends

The Philippines had a change in President in 2016, and 2017 showed that it is a major market for General and Business Aviation, with significant opportunities for development and investment.

Now in 2018, plans are now being made in relation to the development of business and general aviation (BA/GA) infrastructure that will create great opportunity for the industry. AsBAA has been approached by the government to represent the business and general aviation industry. The following event is your opportunity to have your say in the development of new infrastructure in the Philippines.

Through AsBAA, the Philippines Chapter invites you to join an exclusive, high-level information and investment session 24-26 January to explore these opportunities. At this event, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the future of the Philippine Aviation Industry directly with policy makers and investment leaders. In addition, the event will provide participants with a first-hand and in-depth view of the future plans for BA/GA and how to be more involved in the future of the industry. In this high-level visit, business leaders will have the opportunity to obtain details about existing facilities, the plans for the future, and the investment climate for BA/GA in the Philippines.

The Event

  • Event: Opportunities for Business Aviation in the Philippines – high-level site visit and investment trip
  • Capacity: 30 pax (strictly limited seating due to aircraft capacity)
  • Date: 24-26 January 2018
  • Location: Manila, Clark and Subic Airports – Philippines
  • Cost: Member fee USD1650, non-member fee USD 2200 (limited capacity, members take priority)
Date Time Location Activity Remarks
24. 01. 18 Before 1400h Arrival in hotel SOLAIRE Casino and Hotel Registration and group photo taking  
  1600 CAAP Director General’s Boardroom Meeting with CAAP Director General And MIAA General Manger  
  1830h to 1930h SOLAIRE Casino and Hotel Networking Cocktail with local industry players  
  1930h SOLAIRE Casino and Hotel Dinner with CAAP and MIAA officials with QA  
25. 01. 18 0730h Departure hotel for Flight to Clark Flight to CRK

18 seats available on float plane (amphibious) out of Manila Bay

16 seats available on KA350

These are the maximum seats available. Please only carry along max of one piece hand carry max. 10kgs. All the events are leisurely dress code except  for the meeting with the DG and the GM which should be long sleeves
  0900h Arrival in CRK   Luggage can stay on board
  0915h to 1000h CIAC Bldg. Briefing about CIAC facility and masterplan  
  1000h to 1230h Different locations in CIAC Inspection and briefing by locators and CDC meeting  
  1230h to 1430h CILA luncheon (TBC) Luncheon meeting  
  1500h to 1600h CIAC Joint AsBAA meeting between Philippine Chapter and AsBAA  
  1630h CRK Departure by plane to Subic  
  1645h Lighthouse Resort Hotel Arrival and transfer to Hotel Lighthouse  Floatplanes will land right at the resort so please wear sandals
  1900h Lighthouse Resort Hotel Cocktails and dinner  
26. 01. 18 0730h Light House Resort Breakfast Lighthouse  
  0830h Departure for SBIA    
  0900h to 1100h SBIA Briefing and tour  
  1100h to 1200h SBMA Visual tour of different housing and actual locators  
  1200h to 1400h SBMA Lunch  
  1400h to 1430h Depart hotel for airport    
  1430h Depart Subic by plane to Manila    


Fee includes: Hotel accommodation, internal flights and transport, breakfast, luncheon, dinners and networking cocktails

CAAP = Civil Aviation Authority
MIAA = Manila International Airport Authority
CRK =   Clark Airport
CIAC = Clark International Airport Cooperation
SBMA = Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
SBIA = Subic Bay International Airport

For further information or to register, please get in touch
A New Aviation Hub for BA/GA 

The Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA), Philippines will soon become the leading Business and General airport in the Philippines. The new development will take the form of a fully integrated Aerospace Park and aviation hub that leverages its highly skilled workers and resources in innovation and logistics. The new plans for development of BA/GA infrastructure are expected to include the set-up of the following services, which represent opportunities for AsBAA member companies:

  • A new Fixed Base Operator (FBO)
  • Inclusion of multiple service providers
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services (MRO)
  • Personnel training facilities
  • Business and general aviation charter services
  • Inter-island transport links (to maximize the potential of the Freeport Zone’s Air Transport Link)
  • Both Clark and Subic Airports are located in Tax Free Zones and are ideal for MRO, Flying Schools (as base for Clark only), logistics support for the aviation industry, supply and ancillary businesses (back office support etc.), fuel services, light and high-tech manufacturing and more.



Background and political context

Since his appointment, President Duterte has been faced with severe traffic congestion issues, not only on the roads but also in the skies and in the premier facility in Manila, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Through the leadership of the President and his transportation team in the Department of Transportation, the Civil Aviation Authority and the various airport corporations, a de-clogging of the Manila Airport is ongoing and slotting is in force for both airlines and General and Business Aviation. Clark International Airport has just broken ground for a new passenger terminal and new airport projects in the country are now “on the table” and a proposal for the new Manila International Airport is ready for a decision from the government.