Millennials Meet Industry Leaders

On 19 April, AsBAA and NBAA hosted over 200 students for the annual Careers in Business Aviation Day at ABACE2018 in Shanghai. The programme, which was developed by AsBAA’s student and careers chapter, AsBAA Discovery, welcomed China’s AVIC Foundation along with... read more


来源:新华社 在上海举办的亚洲公务航空会议及展览是亚太地区最大的公务航空展会,是飞机采购决策者近距离体验公务机的重要机会,被全球航空业视为观察亚太地区尤其是中国市场动向的“风向标”。 全球主流航空制造商在2018亚洲公务航空展上展示其旗舰机型。 新华社记者 呼涛 摄 新华社上海4月18日电(记者 呼涛)历经爆发式增长后的持续多年增速放缓,中国公务航空行业呈现出“复苏”迹象。全球航空业界对于这一历经洗礼更趋理性的重要市场持乐观预期,对于参与其更具潜力的未来充满期待。... read more

CJI One Minute ABACE 2018

Manufacturers and brokers bring aircraft to ABACE for the same purpose as sales people put cars on car lots – to promote and market their products. But, unlike cars on a dealer’s forecourt, aircraft at business-jet tradeshows do not carry price stickers. There... read more