The game-changing flight planning and weather technology just got more powerful

Geneva, May 22, 2017 – Leading global flight support solutions provider, UAS International Trip Support, has announced enhanced features for UAS flightevolutionTM –the all-in-one trip planning and weather solution and flagship technology from the UAS | Evolution technology suite.

Formally launched at NBAA-BACE 2016, the tool was created exclusively for pilots and dispatchers and is revolutionizing the process of advanced global flight planning, weather checking, aircraft performance calculation, and in-flight situational awareness owing to its high speed, simplicity, and convenient mobile capabilities.  The new functionalities to enhance the capabilities UAS FlightEvolution of include:

 Advanced Route Constraints 

A number of route constraints have been introduced, including the ability to avoid waypoints, airways, Flight Information Regions (FIRs), and countries.  Users can now plan via specific waypoints and airways.

OVF/LND Permit Costs

The route of flight now displays the cost of all overflight and landing permits with the data presented in the Route Advisor and the Flight Plan Status bar. The first amount is for private operations and the second is for non-scheduled commercial (charter) operations. This functionality will expand into the ability to purchase those permits directly from the interface in the near future.

Ability to Save Routes

When a route is presented that the user wants to keep for future use, they can now simply save the route.  Each time a user in the same account enters the same city pair, the saved route will be presented in the Route Advisor as an option.

Flight Plan from Maps Page

In Version 1.0 of UAS FlightEvolution, only US-domestic routes would calculate from the search bar on the Maps page.  Now, all routes – regardless of location – can be computed directly from the Maps page, and sent to the Plan and File tab (and vice versa).

Integrated Flight Plan Briefing

An operational flight plan package can now be created to satisfy those users who do not use the mobile application in flight. The flight plan package is made up of the operational flight plan, weather, NOTAMs, and other similar documents. Users can upload PDFs to be included in the package. The package can be set up to be delivered at a specific time in the future.

Expanded Route Selections

More routes are now available in the Route Advisor.  Route types include the fuel/time optimized routes, ATC preferred routes, recently-cleared routes, low-level airway routes, and customer-saved routes. The Route Advisor produces routes more rapidly than any other similar tools.

Additionally, many webserver modifications were made to improve speed and reliability of the service within the Middle East and Asia. The Messages tab is now fully-functional with AFTN integration.

Visit UAS at EBACE booth E88 to demo UAS flightevolutionTM or see for more details.