Aon is proud to present this year’s Global Risk Maps, which for the first time addresses Political Risk and Terrorism and Political Violence Risk in a combined launch.

Key themes this year include:

  • Singapore’s terrorism and political violence risk level has been raised from ‘negligible’ to ‘low’ in light of recent arrests of purported extremists in the country, and the Indonesian authorities reported disruption of a terrorist plot to attack the island in 2016
  • The terrorism and political violence risk level is likely to remain ‘high’ in the Philippines during 2017, with the Islamic State promoting the country as a regional hub for militants not able to travel to Syria or Iraq. Malaysia’s overall score has been raised to ‘medium’
  • Uncertainty surrounding increasingly protectionist trade policies raises concerns over their potential impact on exports from Asia as well as intra-Asian trade in 2017
  • Oil and gas companies were the target of 41 percent of terrorist attacks on commercial interests

Our dedicated website provides you with access to our free online portal that houses both the Political Risk and Terrorism & Political Violence Risk maps, as well as the accompanying in-depth report on both risk areas. Through Aon’s Risk Maps, we aim to highlight those risks facing our clients globally, helping them to manage these unique exposures.

The client communications will be released on 7 April 2017 at 9am (Singapore time).
Please use this opportunity to reach out to your contacts and share the insights with your prospects.

a)    Terrorism and Political Violence Risk Map 2017:

b)    Political Risk Map 2017:



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