New Aircraft Ownership and Maintenance Advice Services

NBAA-BACE – Las Vegas, Nevada – Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), the leading independent provider of maintenance programs to the business aviation industry, has introduced a new range of consulting services that utilizes JSSI’s global network of technical advisors and operational data collected over three decades.

JSSI Advisory Services applies this technical, cross-platform expertise to inspect aircraft, perform appraisals and manage maintenance events for clients. The full selection of services includes asset inspections, aircraft appraisals, maintenance cost planning and maintenance event management.

“JSSI manages and pays for close to 10,000 maintenance events each year. As a result, we have full visibility into the actual costs associated with operating and maintaining aircraft,” said Neil Book, President and CEO at JSSI.

“Given our programs cover almost every make and model of business jet and turboprop, we are uniquely positioned to provide this cross-section of services to aircraft owners, operators and financiers seeking guidance on these complex matters,” added Book. “With our global network of technical advisors, we quickly and consistently support maintenance teams around the world in any form of asset management, valuation or ongoing aircraft ownership consultation.”

Asset Inspection Service

JSSI has over 70 technical advisors strategically located worldwide and trained to perform asset inspections on virtually any make and model of aircraft. Each asset inspection includes copies of logbooks, images of the aircraft, current maintenance status reports, and documentation of any red-flag items. As part of the inspection, clients also receive a complimentary enrollment into JSSI’s Asset Monitoring Platform.

Aircraft Appraisal Service

JSSI’s team of in-house appraisers are accredited by the American Society of Appraisers to ensure a fair evaluation and price for any aircraft purchase. Every professional evaluation follows the standards of the nationally recognized Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and includes a comprehensive and detailed final evaluation report. Appraisers have the full resources of JSSI available to complete each appraisal, including access to an automated valuation tool to pull comparable aircraft sales, and the expertise of product line specialists for all engine, airframe, and APU evaluations.

Maintenance Cost Planning

JSSI has decades of actual maintenance cost data to draw upon and help plan and budget for any aircraft operation. Maintenance cost planning options include one-time cost analysis and ongoing recurring cost services to help operators prepare for the future. JSSI also offers assistance in maintenance planning for high-utilization operators. These reports are critical elements to maximize the balance between safety, availability, and cost for these operators.

Maintenance Event Management

JSSI product specialists work closely with maintenance departments to deliver the optimum solution for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. The strategically located global team can be onsite to assist within hours of getting a call for event management assistance. This means that turnaround times are met and the asset is put back to work as efficiently as possible; costs are reasonable, balanced and fair; and quality standards are met, and the proper work scope is performed.

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About Jet Support Services, Inc.

For nearly 30 years, Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), has been the leading independent provider of maintenance programs to the business aviation industry, covering virtually all makes and models of business aircraft, engines, and APUs. JSSI provides its customers with comprehensive, flexible and affordable financial programs and tools for managing the often unpredictable costs of operating and maintaining nearly all types of turbine-powered aircraft, including business and commercial jets, turboprops and helicopters. As the creator of the revolutionary Tip-to-Tail® Program, JSSI is the only single source provider of this trademarked service. JSSI serves customers globally and manages maintenance services through its worldwide infrastructure of certified technical advisors.

Other JSSI Services:

  • JSSI Parts gives clients the advantage of JSSI buying power and expertise as the single largest purchaser of parts and maintenance services in the business aviation industry.
  • Jet Engine Leasing offers engine- and APU-leasing solutions. JSSI owns several rental assets for hard-to-locate platforms and can source rental assets for almost anything that flies.
  • AMP is JSSI’s dedicated Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP), available to business aviation lenders as a tool to assist in the mitigation of risk and the management of financed aircraft.
  • JSSI Advisory Services utilizes JSSI’s technical expertise and global network to inspect your aircraft, perform an ASA-certified appraisal, or manage your next maintenance event.


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