AsBAA was in attendance with members interests represented at the IBAC Governing Board on the 25th May in Geneva.

The business discussed included updates from member organizations and short term objectives for the organization, which includes increasing the communications profile, building a Safety information resource for operators and FBO’s, and the extension of the International Standards programs.

Of particular interest to our Operating Company members was an update on the upcoming Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

Whilst formal and specific information will be produced later in this year, a presentation was given which highlighted the basic timeline of the scheme as follows:

The CORSIA will consist of a global offsetting scheme to be applied to international aviation in several phases:

By 30th September 2018 – Aeroplane operators should submit their monitoring plan to the State Administering Authority

2019 to 2020 – establishment of baseline CO2 emissions

2021 to 2023 – a ‘pilot’ voluntary phase of countries which choose to be part of the scheme.

A 2022 review will be conducted on the implementation of the CORSIA, to determine if there will need to be any adjustments before the scheme continues

Through AsBAA’s participation in IBAC we will ensure any relevant information on this scheme, its applicability and any exemptions are updated to our member companies in time to ensure compliance with this global regulation.