Nominees for the new Board of Directors can be seen below. Voting for the new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson (3 positions) will take place, live at the Annual General Meeting, 13 June 2017, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore. Voting is only open to AsBAA members. If you are unable to attend the AGM you may send a representative(s) in your place or contact us for other ways to vote.




Director of Maintenance for TAG Aviation Asia,current Board of Governors and Head of the Hong Kong Committee, AsBAA

“If elected as the deputy chairman of AsBAA, my goal is to continue the excellent momentum which was achieved by the Board of Governors over the past several years, in making AsBAA the true voice of the business aviation industry in Asia. My employer, TAG Aviation Asia, understands the value of combining the efforts of the various industry players to generate clear industry goals, working together to promote the benefits of business aviation, and lobby as a team to maximize all opportunities for the industry, and therefore support my involvement with AsBAA. (Although I still have a very busy day job!) My approach would be that we conduct regular meetings, bringing the industry together to identify the areas that require our focus, and then generate action items and create working groups to ensure coordinated progress on the key areas. As deputy chairman, my goal would also be to ensure good communication and coordination between the different regions of Asia, with a big picture approach to advancing the business aviation industry across the entire region.”



Vice President, International Sales,
Greater China and Mongolia Region, Vice-Chairperson, AsBAA

“Business aviation in China and north Asia represents a big and important role through the AsBAA platform. With supportive and favorable business aviation regulations and policies published by Chinese government most recently, a stronger and prosperous business market is on the way to come. However, to achieve that growth and prosperity, much more efforts are needed to build AsBAA. I am the current Vice Chairman of AsBAA and have served the BoD role for the past five years, contributed time and leveraging my 30 years’ experiences and recognized influences in the industry to lobby to the regulators through both business and personal connections. I have tirelessly promoted our association through many seminars/conferences speeches, as well as providing consultative assistances to those who are new to the markets. I am committed to AsBAA’ s growth and willing to continuously offer my service in the coming term VC role, should I be elected” .



Head of Aviation, Asia
Aon Singapore (Broking Centre) Pte Ltd

“During my 5 years as a member of AsBAA I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some fantastic people. I view AsBAA as a vehicle to drive positive change, progression and innovation within the business aviation industry in Asia.

I have put myself forward for the position of Vice Chairman as I care deeply about this organisation and believe I can help to take it forward.

I believe I am the best candidate for this position because of my experience within the aviation industry and the regional perspective I can bring to this role.

As the industry continues to develop in maturity and grow exponentially, risk increasingly becomes a focus for many of us. My experience of risk and insurance leaves me well placed to support our network in this regard as we grow together.

In addition to my technical knowledge and expertise, I will bring my enthusiasm, energy and passion for the industry to the role. I will also focus on developing the network in Singapore, where I am based, from a knowledge and competency sharing perspective.

I am excited about the opportunity to take a more prominent role within AsBAA and ready to hit the ground running from day one.”



Jet Aviation, Vice President Asia & General Manager Singapore, Board of Governors, AsBAA

“I apply a customer centric perspective in my leadership style, am tenacious about progress, appreciate fairness in dialogue and believe there in a strong future for our industry together in Asia. I am in my 40th year of working in the Business and General Aviation industry having started as an Aircraft Engineer and in the second half of my career developing and leading MRO and FBO service companies.

Having worked in Asia since 1994, my time here has been mostly based in Singapore and with a diverse regional responsibility to deliver on strategy and grow services and capability across our markets. In my early years I quickly identified a gap in service capability and capacity to meet the need for development and scaling of professional Business Aviation services in region to meet world class standards.

My vision was clear however in my first 10 years there were many challenges to overcome in what was an unstable and thin market to support capital investment to update service infrastructure. The second 10 years registered positive growth from the industry and allowed vision to become a reality that had me deeply involved in major infrastructure projects in Singapore and Shanghai. There is of course more ongoing that I am very proud of and excited to be contributing and associated with.

I have attended multiple NBAA, EBACE events and every ABACE event since its inception and have a thorough understanding of the ethos and principles at work in these organizations. Over the years I have also developed a clear understanding around dealing with Corporate Governance, Government Economic Development Board’ s and multiple Regulatory bodies to represent and become proficient in the areas of Business operations and delivering on strategic growth objectives.

With this overview, my interest in this nomination is that I want to contribute with my experience and perspective to help focus on relevant and key issues that can keep the path clear ahead for continued growth and acceptance of our industry in this region.

Thank you” .



President, Jetcraft Asia Limited

“The 1980’ s were possibly our Kitty Hawk moment. Prior to this Business (or Private) aviation was essentially non-existent. There was no recognition of the word ‘private’ in one key market, now it drives our region and our business.

Some may think we have come a long way but the fight will never be over as we press for greater understanding of its value and role in making economies grow. AsBAA can and will help us all develop this niche but exciting industry.

As a Vice-Chairman, I would like to focus on raising the profile of SE Asian nations. There are major capacity problems looming in Bangkok, Phuket, Halim and Manila. The region is being constrained by unnecessary regulations at times and I would make it a focus of my time to help these areas get their message across to those who often seek to constrain our industry through a lack of understanding. SE Asia needs to be given more focus and attention.

Think back to Kai Tak Airport, not in a sentimental way, but in awe of the fact it even existed. A ‘can-do’ attitude by those who made it work – there was no choice. AsBAA needs to help stimulate that way again, across the region.

Whether you fly, fix, finance, manage or sell aircraft, like the Wright Brothers we are all still pioneers! AsBAA Needs You!”



President Sino Jet Management Ltd, Board of Governors, AsBAA

“The purpose of the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) is to promote the benefits of business aviation in Asia. As a member, we aim to help the companies who rely on business aviation aircraft succeed in the Asian market though advocacy, information, networking, coordination of messages among the members and business support services.

AsBAA’ s mission and its goals towards business aviation can be accomplished not in small part through education of the regulatory and governmental entities who, at this time, are very interested in growing General Aviation throughout Asia. However, with the current situation, the priority level of business aviation is ranked very low. My goal is to lead the members of AsBAA to educate and lobby local governments and regulatory agencies about the financial gains, industrial growth, jobs, and recognition that are brought to the area by business aviation. In return, we can obtain more resources and supports from them to improve the operational condition of business aviation.

This is not a new concept or practice for the AsBAA, and the question is not if this tact should be implemented, but how should it be best implemented. I believe having knowledgeable driven aviation professionals is a part. Adding to that, someone who does not have any language barrier or cultural differences would be a great advantage. Lobbying local governments and involving not only the owners of the aircraft that may experience financial loss if they cannot land at a certain airport at a certain time, maybe more importantly to our audience, the many local companies and businesses that would suffer should the aircraft be delayed or rejected.”