NBAA-BACE 2017 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Baker Aviation, the Master Distributor for the HOT-STOP® ’L’ Fire Containment Kit product line, will offer legacy fire bag owners a special NBAA $100 discount on the retrofit of their existing HOT-STOP bags with the latest zero tolerance zipper technology. This exclusive offer is only available from Baker Aviation (Booth #C9921) and (Booth #C7326), a HOT-STOP ‘L’ recognized dealer, during the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (BACE), October 10-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Toxic smoke containment can be as important as containing the fire itself when it comes to lithium-ion battery device runaway, especially in a small business jet cabin” explained Ray Goyco, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer at Baker Aviation Maintenance, Master Distributor for HOT-STOP® ‘L’. “Our latest technology contains 100% of all the smoke, fire, battery liquid, and shrapnel that is released when a li-ion battery erupts. As pioneers in this fire containment market, we are offering our loyal customers who purchased the original HOT-STOP ‘L’ Laptop, XL Laptop, or Tablet size kits from 2010-2015, an opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology without incurring the larger out-of-pocket expense of purchasing a new bag,”


The Baker Aviation and team will coordinate with customers to send the legacy HOT-STOP bag to the manufacturer, where the same airtight zipper that is used in the HOT-STOP ‘L’ EVOLUTION bags, will be inserted for a fraction of the cost of a new bag. And with an additional $100 savings during NBAA-BACE 2017.


The HOT-STOP ‘L’ EVOLUTION series product line was originally designed for the airlines and the plethora of lithium powered devices that are brought onboard commercial flights today. Launched in 2015, this new zero tolerance bag incorporates the latest military grade zipper technology that adds an extra barrier to contain lithium-ion battery smoke, fire, and explosions, resulting in an airtight system that is burn certified. HOT-STOP products are designed, proven and tested to contain a battery in full thermal runaway until it is has burned out, and it can conveniently be used as safe storage for a device while unattended, or as a preventative measure if a device shows signs of overheating.


Existing HOT-STOP ‘L’ customers looking for more details about this “Retrofit” program may visit Baker Aviation Booth #C9921 during the 2017 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition or contact them at +1-972-248-0457.


About HOT-STOP® ‘L’

The HOT-STOP® ’L’ bags are made up of multiple durable fabrics with a felt inner core that has a 3200ºF melting point which is sandwiched between two outer layers that have a 2080ºF melting point and are proven to absorb energy and fire while eliminating the escape of smoke, sparks, and flames. Multiple sizes are available to fit various devices up to the large 25” x 25” bag designed to contain defibrillators and all-in-one computers and custom solutions are available. Optional accessories are also available for larger bags, including a carry/stowage sling and an exterior carry bag with zipper.


The new HOT-STOP® ‘L” EVOLUTION series was introduced to target the airlines that are looking for containment solutions that will minimize the risk of unknown devices being brought on board, including portable charger/battery packs, e-cigarettes as well as internal equipment, such as defibrillators, and electronic flight bags that are carried inside the cockpit. The added military grade zipper technology offers an additional layer of security with its zero tolerance, an airtight closure that is designed to contain a device in full thermal runaway until it has burned out.  It can be deployed in less than five easy steps. To Learn more, go to or call +1-972-248-0457.     



About Baker Aviation Maintenance LLC

Baker Aviation is a full-service aircraft maintenance, management, and charter company, licensed to provide professional aviation services worldwide. Baker Aviation Maintenance operates as a FAA Part 145 Repair Station #5BVR011C and has facilities at Addison Airport, in Addison, Texas, specializing in airframe maintenance for Hawker, King Air, Beechjet, Citation, Learjet, Falcon, Challenger, and Gulfstream aircraft. Recently, Baker expanded its offerings as a stocking distributor of PMA Parts from Omega Aircraft Articles and established a dealership for LED Lighting with Aircraft Lighting International. Baker Aviation is also the exclusive master distributor of the HOT-STOP® ‘L’ EVOLUTION Fire Containment Kit product line, with zero tolerance, air tight zipper technology. To learn more, please visit or call +1-972-248-0457