AsBAA, the Asian region’s non-for-profit representative trade body for business aviation today met under the mainland China committee to discuss relevant local issues. At the top of the agenda was a discussion relating to the media and public’s understanding of business and general aviation as it becomes more visible under the government’s 12th and 13th five-year plans.

Head of the China Committee, Mr. Rocky Zhang said, “Public understanding of business aviation will become extremely important to promote the industry. We are encouraged by the backing of the government and the CAAC indicated in the 12th and 13th five year plans, but we must also remember that the public’s support is also very important. In this regard, AsBAA and its members have a vital role to play, promoting the industry as a tool for economic development, connecting communities, creating jobs and efficiency to secure this support and facilitate growth.”

At the meeting, members expressed their wish to use AsBAA and NBAA’s key event in China as co-hosts of ABACE as a mechanism to promote and educate on business and general aviation to the public in China.

AsBAA also committed to working with CAAC on easing some of the issues with slot restrictions at Hong Qiao airport, following the association’s success in improving similar issues at Hong Kong International Airport.

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