The 5th China International General Aviation Convention & Summit Forum was successfully held on August 24, 2017 in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. Mr. Qiang Xiao’an, Vice-Mayor of Xi’an City, during his opening speech set the encourage “aviation corporations to take full advantage of this conference to enhance cooperation, mutual benefit, and seek common development”. Mr. Rocky Zhang, Chair of Mainland China Regional Committee of AsBAA, was invited to deliver a keynote speech on the development of Business Aviation in West China.

In front of over 600 attendees, Mr. Zhang shared data covering take-off and landing statistics and prospects of the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) for Corporate and

Business Jets in East and West China. He indicated that corporations are encouraged to take part in the market for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of business and general aviation aircrafts in west china. He also presented a case study highlighting the business models of North American FBOs. He used cases from AsBAA member companies who have formed joint venture entities for the MRO, and interior refit of domestic BA/GA aircrafts, as well as the storage and transportation of aviation materials, to show the attendees of the opportunity within the industry. Through the case studies, Mr. Zhang advocated the sustainable development for business and general aviation in Western China and expressed the commitment of AsBBA to building a platform to facilitate the communication between the government and corporations.

According to Mr. Zhang, “70% of business jet charters are serviced to corporate executives and entrepreneurs. These statistics support the notion that business aircrafts are all about time saving, and if business people can conveniently travel to regional areas it can lead to potential investment and the creation of job opportunities for local economies. Additionally, short-distance business visiting and commuter services provided by mid-and-short range piston-engine and propeller-driven aircrafts is highly applicable to the vast territory of West China.”

Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) is a non-profit association, representing approximately 140 entities based in Asia, including greater China and south-east Asia and around the world, with approximately 500 aircrafts within our membership base excluding OEM fleets.

Staff of CAIB (China Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base, Xi’an Yanliang), the organizer of the summit forum said, “the presentation made by Mr. Zhang has generated high interest among the attendees, who have reached out to the conference organizer for his presentation materials and contact information”.

CIGAC (China International General Aviation Convention) co-hosted by the Government of Shaanxi Province, CCPIT, CAAC and AVIC is held every 2 years.  CIGAC 2017, the 5th year, attracted more than 600 professionals attending the summit forum from government, aviation authorities, industry professionals and universities. The forum encouraged in-depth discussion covering GA short-distance transportation, aviation hubs, emergency air-rescue operations, pilot zones of GA, air finance, drones and legislation for GA and GA airport construction.

2017 中国国际通用航空大会高峰论坛成功召开 


8月24日,2017(第五届)中国国际通用航空大会高峰论坛在陕西西安成功举办,西安市人民政府副市长强晓安为论坛致辞并指出,“希望国内外航空企业能以此次高峰论坛为契机,进一步增进了解、促进合作,实现互利共赢、共同发展。”亚洲商务航空协会(AsBAA)中国大陆地区委员会主席张传勇先生获邀出席,并发表 “中国西部地区商务航空发展” 的主题演讲。

张传勇先生向现场专业同仁分享了近两年中国东部和西部地区商务飞机固定运营基地(FBO )的起降数据及发展前景。他表示,协会将进一步以中国西部发展为基础,积极支持企业参与商务飞机与通航飞行器维护、维修与大修(MRO)市场竞争。并以国外北美固定运营基地服务模式和协会会员单位在国内商务飞机维护维修与内饰改造,航材储运的合资运营案例分析为例,倡议为中国西部商务航空可持续性发展,搭建“协企”专业服务沟通桥梁,促进地方航空经济发展,不忘初心,砥砺前行。

张传勇坦言:“70% 商务飞机运营商不仅为企业家和公司高管商务飞行提供了量身订制服务,体现了‘商务机是时间飞行器’的宗旨;反过来,商务航空所服务的企业家群体也将为当地经济发展创造成千上万就业机会。同时,中国西部地域之广阔也特别适合中短程活塞或螺旋桨飞机提供短途商务和通勤服务。”