The Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA), Asia’s non-profit trade body for business and general aviation led a delegation of industry representatives to meet with Mr. Wang Zhiqing, Deputy Administrator of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Ms. Jenny Lau, Chairperson of AsBAA, Mr. Ed Bolen, President and CEO of National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and Mr. Zhang Peng, President of Beijing Business Aviation Association (BBAA) attended the high level meeting and briefed CAAC on the latest developments and challenges facing the industry.

At the meeting, representatives from AsBAA, NBAA, BBAA and CAAC officials exchanged views on the development of China’s business aviation industry. They observed that the business aviation market in China has witnessed strong demand and rapid expansion over the last few years, despite some challenging market conditions in the last decade. CAAC spoke of its continued support to develop the business aviation market in China to enhance transport systems, boost local economies, connect communities and provide humanitarian support, as needed.

AsBAA Chairperson Jenny Lau thanked the CAAC for organising the meeting, saying, “AsBAA’s role is to connect industry with policy makers, facilitating communications between government agencies and industry members. AsBAA will continue to work closely with CAAC to facilitate the development of general aviation in China. Through AsBAA, other IBAC global associations and China based regional associations, we will continue to work together to represent the needs of the industry, advocate its merits to key stakeholders, and strengthen community relations. As always, we thank our members for their support, which enables AsBAA to resolve issues, action change and make the industry a better space for all parties involved.

Following the meeting, NBAA, AsBAA and BBAA co-hosted an annual cocktail reception in Beijing.  Over 100 representatives from the industry and media attended the gathering.


As a non-profit organisation, AsBAA counts over 150 member companies from Greater China and Southeast Asia, covering business aviation operators, aircraft manufacturers, service providers and customers. AsBAA Mainland China Committee has recently started the establishment of four committees including OEM, Operator, Operation Support and General Service, with the aim to provide industry-specific recommendations for the development of the business aviation market in China.






11月16日下午,中国民用航空局王志清副局长在京会见了亚洲商务航空协会(AsBAA)、美国商务航空协会(NBAA)、北京商务航空协会 (BBAA) 等业内人士组成的商务航空代表团。在会见中,局方领导就促进中国商务航空业的发展与代表团深入交换了意见。代表团一行则向局方领导汇报了中国商务航空市场的最新发展情况和行业挑战。亚洲商务航空协会主席刘畅、美国商务航空协会总裁 Ed Bolen、北京商务航空协会会长张鹏参加了这次会面。







(从左至右:北京商务航空协会会长张鹏,亚洲商务航空协会主席刘畅、美国商务航空协会总裁 Ed Bolen、中国民用航空局王志清副局长,美国商务航空协会亚洲首席代表廖学峰)






亚洲商务航空协会主席刘畅女士在联谊酒会致辞时提到,通过亚洲商务航空协会和其他国际商务航空组织下的全球行业协会交流平台,新老朋友共聚一堂;亚洲商务航空协会将继续与业界同仁共同努力,代表行业向管理部门和全社会普及商务航空的益处和发展趋势。她说, 亚洲商务航空协会将为“所有航空人建立共同社区,共同营造行业健康发展的空间”,以行动改变未来。

前排:美国商务航空协会总裁 Ed Bolen(左)、北京商务航空协会副会长王福厚(右)、    后排:亚洲商务航空协会主席刘畅(左一)


亚洲商务航空协会成立于1999年,代表亚洲地区包括中国大陆在内的商务与通用航空实体企业的非营利行业协会,目前已有150家会员单位,汇聚了一批具有国际视野和专业航空背景的业内人士。 近日,协会中国大陆地区委员会已着手成立了“飞机制造商”,“运营商”,“运营保障服务商”和“综合服务商”4个专业委员会,为促进中国商务航空发展建言献策。