AsBAA, the Asian region’s non-for-profit representative trade body for business aviation hosted its first Singapore Committee meeting under the leadership of its new Board of Directors. The meeting saw around 25 industry leaders and guest speaker, LinkedIn gather to discuss issues and opportunities for the business and general aviation industry in Singapore and the wider Southeast Asian region.


AsBAA Vice-Chairman, Gary Moran said, “Singapore is a good environment for Business Aviation, however there are challenges faced by all sectors of the industry here.  Increasing AsBAA’s visibility with the various Ministry departments, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the Changi Airport Group (CAG) will be crucial in ensuring that the contribution and value of business aviation is not overlooked. We plan to increase involvement and support from key business stakeholders and aircraft owners to make this possible.  We are committed to rejuvenating and expanding the AsBAA membership in Southeast Asia to effectively represent the needs of our members here. With this, we will offer regular meetings, an enhanced programme of events, and support on pressing issues such as access, slots, and safety, particularly in relation to Seletar airport”.


In an effort to diversify the services it offers to its members, AsBAA also invited LinkedIn to deliver a presentation on digital marketing at the meeting. The presentation focussed on new opportunities and creating a more connected aviation community through social and digital platforms.

Please get in touch for details of the next Singapore Committee Meeting, date to be confirmed.







协会副主席加利.莫兰(Gary Moran)说,“新加坡拥有良好的商务航空环境,然而本行业各个领域在这里也都面临着各种挑战。若要确保商务航空的贡献和价值不被忽视,关键是要提升协会与政府各部委、新加坡民航局(CAAS)、以及樟宜机场集团(CAG)的可视化沟通交流。我们打算通过加强来自重要商业利益相关者和飞机拥有者的参与和支持,以实现此目标。我们承诺扩招协会东南亚会员的规模,激发地区委员会活力,从而更有力地代表我们的会员在东南亚地区发展需求。为此,我们将定期举行会议,实施一系列强化行业活动,并支持解决迫切问题,例如准入、航班时刻、以及航空安全的问题,尤其是与新加坡实里达机场( Seletar airport)合作关系方面。”