AsBAA, the Asian region’s non-for-profit representative trade body for business aviation hosted 55 of the industry’s leaders at its second CEO Series luncheon on 1st September at the Hong Kong Aviation Club, Kai Tak, Hong Kong. The theme of the event, “Can Hong Kong General Aviation Flourish Again?” included speeches from Mr. Andrew Tse, Principal Aviation Consultant, X Air Limited, helicopter operations and government affairs expert and Mr. Luo Gang, CEO of Airbus’ new Innovation Centre in China.


Mr. Andrew Tse delivered a keynote presentation looking at the statistics surrounding general aviation in Greater China since the 1980s, in the context of its historic growth and later challenges. He said, “Hong Kong’s significant head start over its neighbours is an advantage borne out of a centenary of aviation here. However, this could now be superseded by other regional hubs in Asia. Business and general aviation requires drive, innovation and determination to thrive. If we are prepared to collaborate through AsBAA, we can prevent Hong Kong’s aviation sector from decline”.


AsBAA also hosted Mr. Luo Gang who spoke about the need for innovation to be supported in business and general aviation. He said, “Airbus believes that a commitment to innovation will remain vital as the business aviation landscape grows and evolves in Greater China. Through non-profit associations such as AsBAA, we can collectively promote innovation and education in the industry, protecting its future for generations to come.”


AsBAA Chairperson, Jenny Lau said, “Collaboration and cooperation as a collective force will be the key to success in protecting and advancing our industry. AsBAA has created the CEO Series as a space for leaders to work together on issues that prevent growth. We are proud to see such great support from the industry today and thank all of the leaders for attending”.


Andrew Tse

Andrew Tse has over twenty years of hands-on management and executive experience in China’s aviation industry. His first exposure was with Air Hong Kong in 1989, a Hong Kong dedicated cargo carrier that was later absorbed by Cathay Pacific. From 1997 to 2006 he was actively involved in developing the cross-boundary and domestic helicopter services with East Asia Airline and Helicopters Hong Kong, which later changed name to Heli Express and again to its current name, Sky Shuttle Helicopters.

In cross-boundary flights, Andrew was the originator of the Macau to Shenzhen scheduled helicopter service. From direct negotiations with the Chinese Military to securing low-level flight paths, which eventually led to final Government to Government agreement of the first scheduled helicopter service in China. To improve the Hong Kong – Macau helicopter service reliability, Andrew initiated the development of the helicopter IFR route that is still in use today. He was instrumental in the heliport expansion project at Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and the West Kowloon heliport. In Macau, Andrew was also involved with the start-up of Macau Business Aviation Centre, a joint-venture between Portugal’s Air Luxor and STDM.

During his time as shareholder and CEO of Helicopter Hong Kong, Andrew successfully launched a scheduled regional airline in 2005 by splitting the helicopter and airline elements of the company into two stand-alone entities, Heli Express and Hong Kong Express.

Subsequently, Andrew retired from full-time aviation operations with the exception of the launch and Chairmanship of X Air Ltd. With aviation truly in his blood, Andrew now consults for rotor start-ups and existing operators wishing to expand into and around the PRD.

Luo Gang

Luo Gang is the CEO of Airbus’ new innovation centre in China. With a degree in electrical engineering from Tianjin University and an MBA from the London Business School, Gang spent nearly three years establishing Uber China’s business before it was acquired by Didi Chuxing in 2016. His experience in London with UK start-up Rangespan taught him how quickly technology can transform traditional businesses.





 亚洲商务航空协会(AsBAA))9月1日在香港启德香港航空俱乐部举办了第二次业界首席执行官午餐联谊会。 55位航空业界首席执行官,参与主题 “拷问香港通用航空业可否再度辉煌?”联谊活动,演讲嘉宾包括X Air有限公司直升机经营与政府事务专家、首席航空顾问Andrew Tse先生,以及空中客车创新中心首席执行官罗岗先生。


Andrew Tse先生的主题演讲,着眼于大中华地区,自1980年代以来的通航统计数据,回顾了通航事业的历史成长与后来遇到的挑战。他说,“香港与周边地区相比起到了明显的带头作用,这受益于这里上百年的航空历史。然而,这个优势现在有可能被亚洲其它区域性枢纽超越。要想实现商务与通用航空的繁荣,就需要动力、创新和决心。假如我们能够充分准备,通过亚洲商务航空协会平台实现广泛合作,那么我们就能预防香港航空业的滑坡。”




协会主席 刘畅女士(Jenny Lau)在联谊会上总结道,“团结合作,发挥力量是成功的关键,只有这样才能保护并完善我们的行业。协会举办首席执行官系列活动就是为了给各位领袖创造一个空间,让大家能够精诚合作,防患于未然。今天看到行业给予了这么大的支持,我们感到很自豪,并且感谢所有参会的领袖人士。”


Andrew Tse 介绍 

Andrew Tse先生在大中华区,拥有航空管理与执行二十多年第一手经验。他的第一次亮相是在1989年香港华民航空 (Air Hong Kong),那是一家专门从事航空货运的香港公司,被国泰航空并购。1997至2006年,他积极地参与“空中快线”直升机公司(Sky Shuttle Helicopters)跨境和粤港澳大湾区直升机服务发展,其前身为亚太航空公司香港直升机服务 (East Asia Airline and Helicopters Hong Kong)。




作为香港直升机公司股东和首席执行官期间,Andrew将该公司的直升机和航班业务拆分成两个独立实体企业:直升机快线 (Heli Express)和香港快运航空(Hong Kong Express),最终于2005年成功落地了支线航空公司。


在澳门,Andrew还参与了澳门商务航空中心的发起工作,这是葡萄牙卢克索航空公司(Portugal Air Luxor)与澳门旅游娱乐股份有限公司(STDM)的合资项目。


之后,Andrew除了创办了X Air有限公司,并仍然担任主席外,他从航空运营全职岗位退休。 他的一生,流淌着航空的血液,他现在为旋翼机的新老经营者提供珠三角地区市场进入和业务拓展咨询。


罗岗介绍   罗岗是空中客车在中国设立的创新中心首席执行官。罗岗拥有天津大学自动化本科学位和伦敦商学院工商管理硕士学位。加入空客前,他曾任职于优步中国,用近三年时间负责搭建优步中国业务体系,2016年优步中国被滴滴出行收购。罗岗还曾在英国供职于初创企业RANGESPAN公司,这段经历让罗岗充分感受到科技可以如此迅速地改变传统商业模式。