AsBAA, the Asian region’s non-profit representative association for business aviation held its Annual General Meeting in which it shared with members the priorities for the business and general aviation (BA/GA) industry in Asia. The AGM kicked-off with an opening session from Jenny Lau, Chairperson, who spoke of the need for industry to come together to improve problem areas and create growth.

Among the key issues discussed is a new initiative, led by AsBAA Vice-Chairman, David Dixon MBE, FRAeS to work with airports and aircraft owners to address aircraft corrosion at facilities in Asia. Dixon said, “AsBAA proposes to establish a task force to make the industry aware of growing concerns related to the overall operating environment: physical, climatic, security and regulatory aircraft experience in Asia and the negative impact it is having. This is an issue that affects the entire industry both here in Asia and reputationally around the world. The new taskforce of volunteers will include representatives from all sectors of the industry to address this serious issue”.

David Dixon MBE, FRAeS, Vice-Chairman, AsBAA 

The AGM2018 keynote was delivered by Ms. Peng Lim, Head of Aviation at Kennedys Law. It focussed on the legal implications of several disaster scenarios that operators should plan for. The AsBAA Board of Directors, now one year into their two-year term took questions from the association’s members and urged them to “lean in” and get involved more to protect and advance the industry in Asia. It also shared news of an expanded programme of Safety Days around the region which will come in 2018 and 2019.

Peng Lim, Head of Aviation, Kennedy’s with Jenny Lau, Chairperson, AsBAA

AsBAA Chairperson, Jenny Lau said, “We are delighted to see the growing support of the industry. We cannot sugar coat the fact that AsBAA urgently needs greater support. However, we can say with complete transparency and confidence that AsBAA’s work in the region has and is creating true and meaningful change, which was evidenced today. We provide advice, support and opportunities to our members. The engagement this week helps to shape our plans going forward according to the member’s needs. We thank our sponsors, members, Discovery partners, student helpers and colleagues at Corporate Jet Investor for their contribution to this important event for AsBAA and the BA/GA community.”

Phil Balmer, Vice-Chairman, Jenny Lau, Chairperson, Gary Moran, Vice-Chairman, David Dixon MBE FRAeS, Vice-Chairman

The AsBAA Annual General Meeting is an annual member’s event for the AsBAA Community. It provides an opportunity for AsBAA to report back on the previous year, plan for the year ahead and receive feedback from its members and other industry stakeholders.

The AsBAA Board of Directors and Board of Governors