AsBAA, Asia’s non-profit representative trade body for business and general aviation has announced that Caspar Baum, Director Aviation, Surbana Jurong Private Limited has been appointed to the associations’ Board of Governors. The announcement comes as part of a series of moves by AsBAA to expand its presence and influence in Southeast Asia, on behalf of its members. In addition to Baum’s appointment to the board, AsBAA members also recently voted for several other Singapore and Southeast Asian based representatives, highlighting the growth of the association in this part of the region and the need for enhanced local support.

Baum shared, “ASBAA will be the key to business aviation achieving sustainable growth in Asia. Business and general aviation has multiple modes of operation, which are still new and unknown to many decision makers in the region. While there is sustainable growth in terms of operation, at the same time there is critical stagnation in infrastructure provision to accommodate this growth. ASBAA has already managed to create vital links that open dialogue with regulators and decision makers. This (AsBAA’s) role will become even more critical and important in the short- and mid-term future. I will support AsBAA and leverage my experience in developing and managing airports and in enhancing Business Aviation infrastructure across Asia. I am committed to helping ASBAA and all its members to grow in South East Asia, where a significant growth over the next decade will take place”.

Gary Moran, Vice-Chairperson (Singapore), AsBAA commented “At the recent AGM, our members highlighted the importance of expanding the AsBAA’s in Southeast Asia so that the expected growth can be realised. Caspar has an enormous amount of experience, influence and passion within the business and general aviation community, both in Southeast Asia and globally. We are confident that his addition to the team will help AsBAA to drive forward the industry on behalf of its members”. 

Caspar Baum

About Subana Jurong

In Aviation Surbana Jurong has been successful in planning and delivering significant projects in Asia and across the globe. Countries and airports, where SJ has delivered or is currently involved in airport delivery are China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Maldives, Australia and others. In Singapore SJ is one of the key service providers for the extensive Changi East airport development, which includes Terminal 4 & 5, Jewel, the industrial zone, land reclamation and preparation as well as major airside and utility upgrade works.

At Surbana Jurong (SJ), social, environmental and economic sustainability is at the heart of all urban solutions. SJ is a Singapore GLC / MNC, Temasek-Linked company and award winning urban solutions provider. SJ’s expertise is backed by over 50 years’ experience building more than a million homes across 26 townships and shaping the urban landscape in Singapore – one of the world’s top 10 best cities recognised for urban sustainability. SJ’s multi disciplinary team of experts knows what it takes to provide urban solutions in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They have completed projects in 90 cities in 30 countries over the last 10 years. From master planning to engineering, design, project management, land reclamation, underground engineering & city management, SJ’s expertise cuts across many sectors – real estate, aviation, healthcare and infrastructure.

Today, Surbana employs 13,000 employees in 56 cities across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

亚洲商务航空协会任命加斯帕鲍姆(Casper Baum)先生担任董事会成员,以提升协会在东南亚地区的影响力

亚洲商务航空协会为代表亚洲商务与通用航空行业的非营利性贸易实体企业协会(AsBAA)宣布,盛邦裕廊私人有限公司(Surbana Jurong Private Limited)的航空事业部总监加斯帕∙鲍姆先生(Casper Baum)出任该协会的董事会成员一职。在该消息发布不久前,协会已实施了一系列举措,旨在代表其会员扩大协会在东南亚地区的业务范围和影响力。协会会员近期也投票选举出了另外几位来自新加坡和东南亚地区的代表,相关的举措标志着协会在东南亚地区拥有良好的业务成长,并急需强化来自当地行业专业人士的支持。


亚洲商务航空协会副主席加利∙莫兰先生(Gary Moran,新加坡)谈道:“在最近一次的年度全会上,有些会员强调协会必须在东南亚以及全球的通用和商业航空行业中扩大自身业务范围、影响力和关注度。我们有信心,鲍姆先生的加入将助力协会更好地代表其成员的利益,推动该行业的茁壮成长。”

关于 盛邦裕廊公司 (Surbana Jurong Private Limited)

对于盛邦裕廊公司来说,所有城市解决方案均应重点关注社会、环境和经济的可持续发展。 该公司成立于新加坡,是受新加坡政府/淡马锡投资的跨国公司,在城市解决方案设计方面获得过多个奖项。 该公司在城市规划领域拥有超过五十年的经验,在26个乡镇建造了超过一百万个房屋单元,并形成了新加坡独有城市景观,并助力该城市成为世界十大最佳城市之一,城市的可持续发展获得世界的任何。 盛邦裕朗公司拥有一支多学科专家团队,其深知知道如何为亚洲,非洲、和中东国家提供最佳的城市解决方案。在过去十年中,公司已交付了30个国家90个城市规划项目,涵盖总体规划到工程、设计、项目管理、填海、地下工程和城市管理。盛邦裕朗公司的专业领域遍及房地产、航空、医疗和基础设施在内许多行业。