On July 5 2017, AsBAA’s incoming Chairperson, Ms. Jenny Lau, met with the association’s China Committee working group at the Beijing office of Sino Jet to discuss the association’s operations and strategic development plan in mainland China.

During the meeting, Ms. Jenny Lau highlighted the ongoing role of AsBAA is to continually build communication channels with government, industry and member organizations. She also encouraged new ideas be explored to build relations between domestic and foreign companies. Ms. Lau said, “according to instructions from related government sectors, the association should first of all establish an effective communication channel with government industry regulative sectors and local governments as well as establish a dialog body among our operation plan in mainland China.”

Rocky Zhang, AsBAA China Committee Chairperson highlighted the second half of 2017 mentioning that “talent development in business and general aviation operation is a focus for AsBAA in China” and “we will seek to work with schools and universities, providing applied skill training programs for company staff, and providing certified trainings.” Mr. Zhang continued to push for way to “actively work with other associations and international organizations, planning for seminars on business aviation operation safety.”

In order to encourage members to actively participate in aviation activities, AsBAA Chairperson Jenny Lau suggested: “cross industry resource sharing and cross field brand co-operation should be explored and brand promotion for member companies so that industry resources can seek a mutually beneficial partnership.”

An important industry update included a discussion around the General Administration of Civil Aviation publishing of the Thirteenth Five-year-plan for General Aviation Development. It has flagged the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to a strategic national level. In order to build a city group that can compete internationally there needs to be support from world class aviation hubs. To realize these goals, general and business aviation needs to develop “on the basis of ensuring safety, encouraging general aviation development which promotes ‘flying with two wings”, as CAAC Administrator, Feng Zhengling, said in his key note speech at Zhuhai Airshow 2016,3rd Nov . ‘Flying with two wings’ is the mission of promoting general aviation and air transport systems in the China region. For AsBAA and the 120 member companies from Greater China and Asia-Pacific areas, 2017 will continue to be an exciting year.

The new board of directors of AsBAA, under the new leadership of Ms. Jenny Lau, also held its inaugural strategy meeting in Hong Kong on June 21st. It was well attended by members of the Board, representing Greater China and Southeast Asia and those members dialling in from multiple locations across the region to hear AsBAA’s strategy outlined by the newly elected leader.

Ms. Lau concluded, “AsBAA’s China Committee aims to bring together professional elites from member organizations, build expert aviation talent, contribute ideas to help Chinese local governments to develop general and business aviation and create more investment opportunities.”



在会上,协会主席刘畅女士建议协会充分发挥政府,行业和会员单位之间的纽带作用, 为境内、境外企业搭建国际信息交流和国际商务合作桥梁等工作拓展思路。刘畅表示:“依据政府相关部门指导性文件通知,协会中国大陆地区工作计划部署,首要落实协会在国内与政府行业监管部门和地方政府有效沟通,全力推进设立对话实体。”


对于鼓励协会会员积极参与航空社区活动,协会主席刘畅建议:“开拓跨行业资源交流,跨界品牌合作,同时带动会员企业品牌推广溢出效应, 实现行业资源共享,合作共赢方式。”