17 April, 2018 — Shanghai: AirStair, a US based company has appointed Amber Aviation as exclusive distributor in Asia. AirStair specialised in providing aero chairs and tools to get passengers up & down for all size aircraft. It provides a safer solution than relying on pilots & FBO personnel to carry passengers.


‘We are committed to provide a safer and easier accessibility solutions for passenger immobility. Choosing Amber as our partner and exclusive distributor in Asia, not only because of the pleasant experience during past cooperation, as we can see the growing demands in Asia, Amber is the local expert who has the resources and networking to help us on business growth in the region. The both companies have the same pursuit for better products and the strong sense of responsibility, we believe it will bring the best products and services to the customers. That’s why Amber makes a perfect match to us’ AirStair says.

‘Amber Aviation is the perfect cooperative partner in Asia for Airstair Solutions, as we have great practical experience on operating their aero chairs. All of our pilots and engineers are well trained and know how to equip and use those tools. The product could add value to ground service providers while offering a solution directly to aircraft owners as well.’ Says Qiu Dong, Vice President of Maintenance at Amber Aviation.