Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) strives for a beneficial environment to encourage business aviation to thrive in Asia.

The association pursues this mission by:

  • Fostering the highest degree of operational efficiency and safety;
  • Networking business aviation entities within and outside of Asia;
  • Advocating the benefits of business aviation to regulatory agencies and industry groups.


The purpose of the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) is to promote the benefits of business aviation in Asia. We aim to help the companies who rely on business aviation aircraft succeed in the Asian market though advocacy, information, networking, coordination of messages among the members and business support services.


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About AsBAA

Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) is a non-profit association representing over a 100 entities based in Asia and around the world. Our members are the major operators, all aircraft manufacturers, aviation service providers, finance and insurance providers as well as business aviation users. They all have a specific interest in the advocacy and development of the Business Aviation industry throughout Asia. AsBAA is a member of IBAC and affiliated with NBAA. We provide a network for sharing knowledge and experience through events, meetings and this website.

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We need your support. AsBAA is a dynamic organisation; we consolidate issues in the region, focus on the needs in Asia Pacific, deliver serious input to the debate and offer a platform to meet and discuss issues. AsBAA is committed to drive change for the good of the industry.

  • One voice in Asia Pacific; together we take a consistent approach.
  • Working for our members; we are a representative body.
  • Authoritative; new members is an increased voice and more influence.

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