AsBAA is a member-led organisation. AsBAA members vote to elect the Board of Directors (BoD) at the annual general meeting (AGM) every two years. The AsBAA Board of Directors 2015 – 2017 are listed below:

Board of Directors (BoD):

Charlie Mularski (Chairman), Kevin Wu (Vice Chairman), David Best (Vice Chairman)

Board of Governors (Executive Committee):

The executive committee is comprised of the Board of Directors, senior representatives of AsBAA platinum member companies, the elected members and the Chairman of each of the regional committees.

The BOD & EC are the highest governance level of AsBAA and are responsible for AsBAA’s direct governance and oversight.

The current executive committee is comprised of:

Diana Chou,Kevin Wu,Rocky Zhang,Charlie Mularski, Denzil White, Mike Walsh,Greg Martin,Jaiyavat Navaraj,Tan Sri Ravinran Menon, Emil Pope,Louis Leong, Dion Xavier,Kabul Riswanto,David Best, Vivienne Bourke, Virginia Zhang

Regional Committees

AsBAA’s regional committees are responsible for managing issues on behalf of the membership in the association’s three key geographical regions. Membership and structure of Regional Committees may evolve based on member company leadership and project groups; participation is open to all AsBAA members. The current committees are listed as below:

  • Mainland China
  • Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan
  • South East Asia

In 2016, AsBAA added Country Chapters to provide enhanced support at a country (not simply regional) level. Country Chapters now exist as Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Coming soon are Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

For more information about AsBAA’s Regional and Country Chapters, or to get involved, please get in touch.

AsBAA Secretariat

Responsible for AsBAA’s day to day operational, administrative and financial management.

Vivienne Bourke – Regional Director (Hong Kong)
Virginia Zhang – Senior Administration Officer (Beijing)

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