Australian Business Aviation Association (ABAA) is offering complimentary trade day entry to Avalon 2017, please contact David Bell at for further details.

If you want to receive complimentary entry and have not yet advised me, please do so no later than next Monday 13th February at 1200 Sydney time.

As previously advised an ABAA Members and Guests meeting will take place at the Airshow commencing at 2pm, Wednesday 1st March in Conference Room 4. The meeting will include four very topical presentations. An agenda will be sent to all members soon.

Also, the ABAA and Airshow organisers have arranged for an International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) Planning and Operations Committee (POC) meeting to be held 1st and 2nd March at the Airshow. The IBAC meeting will be in Conference Room 6. We anticipate about twelve visitors from IBAC and Business Aviation Associations around the world will attend the POC meeting.

The IBAC Board recently appointed Scott Macpherson, Founder & President of, Vancouver, Canada as Chairman. I have known Scott for several years. ABAA members will have the opportunity to meet Scott and others attending the POC meeting, as we have extended invitations for all them to attend the ABAA meeting.